So I bought a Solarforce L2T w/ XP-E drop-in...

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So I bought a Solarforce L2T w/ XP-E drop-in...

Ok. So I bought a L2T host and XP-E, 3-mode drop-in from Solarforce, and I received the host and a XP-G, 3-mode, but it is defective, (pulses about 10-15 time a minute).

I was sent a replacement, and told to keep the first one as a gift, mighty nice eh?
Well it's the same XP-G, 3-mode as the first one.

I e-mailed Solarforce Sales HK and opened a dialog.

I'm a bit aggravated, I don't have much use for the XP-G drop-ins, and really not much use for the L2T host without the XP-E drop-in as ordered.

I wouldn't mind having a tail-switch or possibly another host in the coming months, but I really hadn't planned on buying much Solarforce product in the next few months.

I wanted the XP-E for the L2 I've mounted on an AR-15 as a weapon light, I chose the XP-E for greater throw. I already have an XP-G, that was with my first purchase from Solarforce.

So here are my options as they stand now.
    Return the drop-ins and ask for a refund. (I'd insist they pay postage).
    I think that they might send an XP-E drop-in when they are back in stock, 5-7     weeks wait, (I'm not sure if I have to send the XP-G drop-ins back).
    $7 discount on a PTS-3 tail-switch
    $6 discount in a L2T host.
I lean toward waiting for the XP-E drop-in replacement.

I just thought I'd run this scenario by the group, BLFer's, your thoughts?


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Get your money back and order the drop-in elsewhere.

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i wasn't aware that SF made an XP-E dropin.  did you mean XR-E?  

if you asked SF for an XP-E, that might explain why an sent you an XP-G instead.

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Check your correspondence , if you asked for XP-E ,  

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I'll take the xp-g's for $20 if you don't want them.

But the others are correct, SF doesn't sell xp-e drop-ins.

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You could order this lens and turn your XPG into a thrower. This is what I use on my rifle mounted lights. I think you will be quite impressed with the results.

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I stand corrected gentlemen, XR-E it is. I clicked on the "Add to Cart" button on the 3-mode XR-E drop-in.



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This is now the 11th correspondence, back and forth with"Jo" at Solarforce-Sales.

To re-cap:

I ordered a L2T.

I ordered a XR-P 3-Mode drop-in 7 days later.

The L2T host arrived with a XP-G drop-in, the package included a note that the drop-in was a gift/free upgrade.

The drop-in is defective and pulses, about once ever 2 seconds.

A second XP-G drop-in arrived 7 or 8 days later. It works, but it still isn't what I ordered.

I've made some alternative offers, "Jo" has made some counter offers. I suggested that they send me a L2I host and call it even, their offer was a $6.00 credit if I returned 1 of the drop-ins.

 At this point, no joy.

"Jo" suggested I mail back the items, if I want a refund or exchange. (The XR-E isn't in stock right now, so exchange is a promise, at this point).

They must get a special mailing rate, just $2 US Airmail from Hong Kong.

The Post Office wants $2.59 postage for the 2 drop-ins, and $1.10 for a return envelope, (I cut the original one in half while opening the package). "Jo" only offers to pay $2.

I ordered and paid $14.99, for an XR-E drop-in plus shipping.

Without a "call" tag to pay for postage, I'm not investing any more time or money.

Yes, I could open a PayPal complaint, but this time I've had enough.

I'll keep the XP-G drop-in that works, and save the defective one for a future project.

I'll probably buy again, they make very good products.

I have informed "Jo" that incorrect shipments in the future will go back through PayPal for a refund, without further contact.

Just wanted everyone to have an update.


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I have an unpleasant experience buying from them as well. I went thru PayPal, provided all the information, and got a full refund from PayPal after ~2months. It's tedious when you start a case dispute with PayPal, the emails back and forth takes a while to digest and sorted at PayPal.

My advice, if you are going to return anything to SF, make sure it's by registered airmail, because PayPal will need to view the shipping documents later.

I hope everything works out for you.

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I wrote "Jo" @ Solarforce-Sales an e-mail washing my hands of the transaction. I'd keep what I had, no refund.

I did inform "Jo" of US postal regulations that said that I didn't have to pay for  or return unsolicited or incorrectly shipped items.

I asked that my account be noted to make contact before substitutions in the future.

The e-mail included a link to this post, and I didn't expect any further contact.

This morning I found an e-mail from "Jo" thanking me and telling of a total refund to my PayPal account.

It took some time, but I am satisfied with the results, I will buy there again!

Good job Solarforce!