The best onlineshopping

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The best onlineshopping

Who can tell me the best onlineshopping?With low price and good service.

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are DealExtreme (good prices, OK service, slow delivery): Kaidomain (Great range, good prices, OK service, slow delivery). Manafont (slightly dearer, good service, acceptable delivery times).

I tend to steer clear of outfits like DinoDirect and TMart who become serial pests on these sort of forums by having people who pretend to be customers spamming the boards.

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From my experience, the best are 4sevens and hkequipments. I agree on the post by Tas62.

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Tas62 wrote:

having people who pretend to be customers spamming the boards.

Hmmmm... new guy, hope he is not one of them.

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I have mainly purchased from the following

Manafont,CNQG, Kd, Dx, Hk equipment, 4 sevens, exduct

One ok deal with Tmart

Still undecided on Dino D but their last group buy was good.(for those who were in it- not me. lol)

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I agree - DealExtreme, Kaidomain and Manafont.    I also often use BestOfferBuy, they are often a little more expensive but I've found them quite fast and quite reliable.

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It seams like the multiple log in spam gang bang is in effect Smile

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