My 1000th post GAW! Time's UP! Winner selected... cfy7, come on down!

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My 1000th post GAW! Time's UP! Winner selected... cfy7, come on down!

Okay, I’ve been here for only a short while, and I’m still really a newbie, but I’m one of those guys that HAS to comment on just about everything! So, my 1000th post came up a while back, and I knew it was coming quick, but I haven’t got an impressive collection yet, so I’ve been straining to figure out what I could give away! I finally decided just now that I wasn’t going to wait any longer.

So, I’m going to be giving away a couple of CREE MT-G2 Q0 5000K 6V LED on Noctigon that I bought recently from International Outdoor on special sale. They are still available there at the sale price if you’re interested. I bought two each of 16mm and 25mm Noctigon mounted MT-G2 emitters. The 25mm Noctigon also has four individually addressable pads for XQ-E or similar size LED’s. The price is $9.90USD for any of the emitters on Noctigon. They have other options available, which you will see when you check it out for yourself!

I was inspired by AlexGT’s GAW, now in progress, but I wanted to do something a little different than his. So, here are the rules of my GAW:

1) Post only once. Edit: I’ve had a change of heart. Since AlexGT’s GAW thread is so much fun, and it is, after all, the inspiration for this GAW, I’m lifting the restriction on posting more than once. You may post multiple times. Only your first post will count toward the GAW. I’ll have to figure out a fair way to decide the second winner, though. Any ideas?

2) In AlexGT’s GAW, he instructed everyone to ban the previous poster. In my GAW, I’m instructing you to give me a reason why the previous poster should win the GAW! will be used to pick a winner. But, the post previous to the winning post will also be a winner! Party

3) The winner will get their choice of two of my MT-G2’s. Like I said, the emitters are the same, but there are two 16mm and two 25mm Noctigons, which you may mix-and-match however you please, and I will mail them to you. The other winner will then get their choice of one of the remaining emitters. If the winner decides they want two of the same (both 16mm or both 25mm), the other winner obviously won’t really get a choice. They will get what I have remaining.

4) You may at your option either tell me in your post which emitters you’d like, or tell me after you’ve won. I just need to know the first winner’s choice soon, so that the second winner can make their choice as well.

5) Both winners will be notified in this thread and will need to let me know their mailing info shortly after the drawing is completed. I hate specifying exact timelines, because I know things happen in real life sometimes. But, just try to be quick about it, would you?

6) The GAW is open to everyone who was a member of BLF as of April 19, 2015 (yesterday). International members: I may have to work out a substitute prize if shipping to you would be too costly. For instance, if it would be cheaper for me to just buy two more emitters from International Outdoor and have them sent to you, I may opt to do that. If I go that route, there are more options there than what I have on hand. If it’s just gonna be expensive no matter what, I may just give you a cash prize through PayPal (Another AlexGT idea!) Or, if you have better ideas, I will consider those as well. I want to be fair, but not go broke trying to send an LED to someone!

7) The official close of this GAW will be May 1, 2015. I will pick the winners that day, sometime. If your post is there when I type the numbers into, you will be counted. I have a favor to ask, though. I’m going on vacation this weekend (actually, Friday through Tuesday), so my mind will be elsewhere for a while. If you don’t see the winners posted by noon Eastern Standard Time on May 1st, somebody send me a PM and remind me, because I might’ve forgotten about it! Shocked

Edit: Sorry, I should have remembered to reserve the first post! I did warn you that I’m still a newbie! Silly Well, cfy7, since you were so brave to take the first post challenge, if you win the drawing, you’ll get three MT-G2’s, and if post #2 wins, you’ll get two MT-G2’s. An extra one either way! Thanks for playing!

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Davidef should win because it’s his idea to give a led away!

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cfy7 should win, because he is the first to respond to this thread.


btw DavidEF. thanks for the giveaway... the 1000 posts giveaways have been a little quiet lately.. glad you joined.

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Congrats on 1K DavidEF.  Really great to have you around.  Very nice giveaway.  I'll pass on entry as I have many MT-G2's.  I'm trying to reduce my hoarding.

In compliance with your posting rules:

ChibiM should win because he is an awesome member that contributes much to BLF.

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ImA4Wheelr should win, just to cause more mess in his hording Silly

Cheers David

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pommie from down under should win so that once he has the prize in hand he can ship it to me.  Tongue Out

Great giveaway DavidEF, thanks for doing this !   :exmark:

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Streamer should win since he will be next giving the 2000 post Giveaway
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Breinrules should win because he encourages others to do giveaways

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I think can can be the winner. Why you ask, well……………………….LASER CATS!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more!

RicFlair is on the air with blonde hair & pink underwear!! Whaoooooo!

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I vote for Ricflair.

Has to do something with his hair.
Don’t know about his underwear

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Legolas Jr.
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Henk4U2 should win because he is fairly new and I don’t think he has ever won one before!

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Legolas Jr. Should win or he’ll shoot you with an arrow!

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mwfire should win so he can dedome another MT-G2 in his other UrAnusFire X9. Big Smile

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Congrats on the 1k posts!

Jubeldum should win for posting a video of a smokin’ flashlight!

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Jubeldum should win a MT-G2 so he can can have his own smoking AnusFire….oops, I meant UrAnusFire

Edit: pepebig beat me to Jubeldum

pepebig should win because he is not ashamed to be proud of his pepe and call it big

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n10sivern should win a mt-g2 to build a nice pocket flooder.

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nofearek9 should win because he wrote a nice review about the ThorFire VG10 Tactical Flashlight!

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Plato should win because Basil had it pretty rough.

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argolite should win because he/she is the most wonderful person in the world!

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jhalb should win because i want to visit texas somewhen

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M4D M4X should win because he might need some led emitters since he’s got no kangaroos

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OscarM grouch should win since it gets dark in his trash can.

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Hbomb should win because LOL’ed at his post

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AlexGT should win it because he needs MT-G2’s in his purdy yellow car.

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DBSAR should win the emitters, so he’ll be closer to achieve those 1,21 “giggalumens”!


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DBSAR must win because; his builds are awesome !

Totilde should win because he beat me to it !

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Suncoaster should win because he's around here for longer than me.

And I'm not in, I have a spare MT-G2 already, just want to congratulate David on 1000 nice and useful posts.

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djozz should win because he’s humble and doesn’t want to win. Also, I think he’s secretly trying to get Suncoaster double votes. Wink

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djozz wrote:

And I’m not in, I have a spare MT-G2 already, just want to congratulate David on 1000 nice and useful posts.

In that case… Suncoaster should win because he’s not a sore loser.

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Xelario should win, because he isn't a noob, but I haven't noticed him until now. He is a member for a year with 200 posts.  Maybe we read and post in complete different threads Smile

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Buwuve should win because this is the first time I see this nick during all my time here Big Smile Shows how huge this place is nowadays!

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