TESTED - Samsung 30Q (Discharge Plots Added)

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TESTED - Samsung 30Q (Discharge Plots Added)

I really gotta get some sleep but couldn’t wait to share the news about the new 30Q. I just bought one from Illumn along with a fresh HE2 for comparison. My iCharger is reading about 33 miliohm for both, which is a huge surprise to me.. I was expecting high 30s at best and likely 40-45. Next stop, my standard bench test. It’s simply a voltage reading at the battery contacts while running 4 XML2s in parallel. First up, the HE2 pulls 3.78V which translates to about 17.5A. Sounds about right. Then I test the 30Q……………………………………………… 3.80V! That’s the highest I’ve seen I’m pretty sure. I’ll have to check my notes but either way it’s awesome! That’s like 18A! I put it on a Ch/Dshg cycle at 1.5A each way, 4.2 to 2.6V (no sense leads so this is more like 2.65V at this current). I’ll post the capacity numbers in the morning.

Cheers Beer

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Would you check capacity down to 3.0v? After you’ve slept, when you have time of course. I know other batteries give capacity down to 2.5 as well but that just not useful for our usual single cell lights.

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1.5A discharge to 2.65V came out to be 2976mAh. That was with a 0.5C CC/CV charge with a 150mA termination current. Rested to 4.19V. I currently have it doing multiple 3A cycles and will post the plots this afternoon.

Edit: Also, the last time I looked at the cell last night, it was at 750mAh and still at 3.86V. That puts it above just about every cell in HKJ’s comparator when splitting the difference between the 1A and 2A plots. In fact, that’s comparable to the LG D1 when charged to 4.35V (previously my favorite EDC cell)

Looks like a great cell folks. It’s surely exceeding my expectations so far. I’m still looking forward to getting my hands on LG’s version, the HG2, along with LGs and Samsungs NCA offerings the MJ1 and 35E that are coming in the next few weeks.

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Here’s a link to a test of the 30Q, 25R, 20R, and LG D1 at 3A discharged all the way down to 2.6V

The 20R is an older cell with probably 2 dozen shallow cycles on it. The 30Q and 25R had about 3-4 on them before this test. The D1 had zero.

Colors of the trace replicate the stock color of each cell.

30Q – Dark Pink
D1 (4.35V) – Light Pink
25R – Light Blue
20R – Teal

I have tests coming for an HE2 among others in the coming days.

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All 3A discharges
Black – Orbtronic 3400
Grey – Evva BD
Light Pink – LG D1
Bright Pink – Samsung 30Q
Dark Pink – LG HD2
Red – HE2
Green – LG E1
Light Blue – 25R
Teal – 20R






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Thank you very much JaredM.

The 30Q looks like a very interesting cell to me.

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Thanks! Imma have to get me some of these.

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I just got 6 of these babies Smile

Would you mind keeping the wrong flashlight?
Best wish, May
Tmart service team


Soumil wrote:



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So are you guys having good results using the Samsung 30Q as flashlight batteries? (Fenix TK16)

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From a search here on BLF I found this link:

Date codes explained

The problem I’m having is that the 30Q cells I just got today from BangGood only have a 3 digit third line… which would imply that these are “early” cells, but I think that the 30Q line is brand new, so should have a 4 digit code.

On the wrapper:

On the can, inside the wrapper:

as best I can decode from the web page above, this is a Korean (SDI) cell manufactured on the J line, perhaps in August ( 8 ) of 2015 (F). The third line of the wrapper marking being 3 digits rather than 4 MIGHT mean it was manufactured on the 6th rather than the 16th?

Can anybody clear this up for me?


Billy X
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I have 2 30Qs,one from Banggood,and the other from Gearbest.Both have 136 on the 3rd line.

INR18650-30Q SAMSUNG SDI 136 Both identical.

The gearbest has a sticker on with;
Bar code
The sticker is almost certainly not from Samsung and the 23rd Sept 15 date corresponds with the dispatch date.

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I just received 8 of these from GearBest.

Samsung 18650 30Q 3000mAh

My results were similar. Best was 2875mAh at 500mA discharge rate down to 2.8v

ALL fell 125-300mAh short of the claimed 3000mAh rating in my tests

Batteries from IMRBatteries, in contrast, have so far met or exceeded the advertised capacity. I have no explanation.

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old stock that was stored somewhere hot?
same 136 date as Billy X?

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Looks like “136” is not a date.