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A totally unexpected result from my Cataract surgery last week Smile … besides the 20/20 vision, that is. I closed my left eye, and after switching sides a couple of times, thought; Hmmmm…“passing strange! My lights all have been re-binned! Before, my first “good light”, a UK 4AA LED that I have been using for at least 10 years, went from a Yellowish to cool white, and my $25 eBay Jetbeam PA 40 went from a similar yellowish-tan to cool white! Haven’t tried them yet, but my LED modded Minimags, and the Inova X1 should show similar changes.

My left eye, with 20/200 uncorrected vision, will undergo the same procedure in about a week. It has the same yellowish cast, so I can compare. It’s like switching the white balance on my camera from “Cloudy” to Daylight”. I look forward to the improvement! 8) I’ll still need reading glasses, but, I can read my dashboard instruments, camera screens and eyepiece information, and most other necessaries. except the fine print. I am enthused!

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Go fly, boy!

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Well that is more than likely the most expensive and risky way to get re-binned emitters, but congratulations on the success!!! That has to be exciting for you gaining that much vision back, even one eye at a time….

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Dedoming, the hardcore way. :bigsmile: Glad it went well!

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On your successful cataract surgery. It will be interesting to see if your brain will shift the colors back to your “normal” over time.

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So what method did you use, gas or hot dedome? Big Smile

Congrats on your surgery! Beer

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Now you can play golf again and see where you went ob.

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Congratulations! That really has to be quite a weirs feeling, but in a good way I suppose! I’m happy for your improved sight!

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Wow. I thought you'd had a baby with all the woo hooing. Smile

Thats orsm news about the eyesight and all the best for the next op.


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MRsDNF wrote:

Thats orsm news about the eyesight and all the best for the next op.

Big +1.  Such good news flyboy.  Congrats!

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Congrats on successful job.

Did they use a local and say - "now hold your eye still while we operate" like they did for me?

It's good to see again and to get rid of the giant bright cobweb effect around every light source at night.

The colour changes settle down over time as you get used to it.


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xv-750 wrote:

Congrats on successful job.

Did they use a local and say – “now hold your eye still while we operate” like they did for me?


Actually, no. The cute little blonde nurse gave me something to “relax” me; then she said I’d be in something called “Twilight Sleep” like for my Colonoscopy, so I could respond when they told me “look at the light”. I made some really intelligent comment like “They never said look at the light during my Colonoscopy!” So I guess I must have been pretty relaxed by then.

The last thing I remember was the anesthesiologist asking “How are things looking?” I said something like “Things are getting a little fuzzy.”, and then I was waking up. Hold my eye still while a sharp object approaches? Shocked Not hardly!

Anyhow; thanks for the good wishes, all! Smile

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You’re a braver man than I am Flyboy, but somehow you have made me feel better.

Thanks, and continued Best Wishes!

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I had an early cataract operated on when I was quite young — the replacement lens I got transmits both blue and ultraviolet (so I have to be extra careful because the retina really does accumulate damage from the high energy blue-to-UV range photons when the natural lens isn’t there to protect it).

Here’s a page by a guy who had both eyes operated on and got the UV-transmitting replacements some years back:

Nowadays, almost certainly, your replacement lens definitely blocks UV.

Here’s samples of some human lenses showing how they naturally changed to become more yellow, block more blue, with age:

(Those are for-example, not necessarily typical, there’s a lot of variation)

So when we see people arguing about the color temperature of lights — what you see and what I see are bound to be different.

Note this is also the reason for protecting youngsters, especially, from getting too much bright blue-to-UV light exposure —
their pupils open wider, and their lenses are clearer — so they’re wide open to it, unlike adults.

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So....what colour is the dress again???

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Photons Away wrote:

So....what colour is the dress again???