Oxyled MD20 (1x14500) Quick Review

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Oxyled MD20 (1x14500) Quick Review


OxyLED contacted me about reviewing their MD50,18650 powered flashlight.
After checking their amazon store I found that they produce clones of clones flashlights.
But I thought,it's not good to judge it,without having it in hand.Mybe their products are of a higher quality.
Receiving the package gave me great surprise.I received a smaller, AA/14500 flashlight.
There is not much to write(at least good) about the MD20 model,but I really appreciate the effort of sending me this cheap flashlight by DHL from Oxyled's German amazon store,so I will post something quickly. I like to practice photography.Cool

Can you guess the model from the picture below?
Yes it is a clone of a flashlight,that almost every one here owns.

The model is OxyLED MD20. Comes in a really nice plastic case with a charger and 14500 battery included.

Price 14 USD.



Yes,it is a SK68 clone.



The overal quality of the flashlight,which I received is on low level.

The flashlight looks quite used. Actually,any of my most used flashlights look incomparably better.

There are multiple dents,scratches,etc.Frown




Old,Cree XP-E LED.

Lumen output,measured by me.

The head set to flood.

On 14500

~190Lm Hi, 49 Low

On AA NimH

~60Lm High, 16Lm Low

As expected,with a Cree XP-E led,convex lens and reflective retaining ring,the beam is bluish,full of artifacts...

Nothing much to discuss about. Still,in the dark,any light is better than no light.

1200 mAh battery ? Dreams...

Hollow pill design Undecided.Poor heat dissipation design.

Boost driver circuit. Works with AA and 14500 batteries.

0.390Ω sense resistor. Next mode memory...

More details...


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Nice review, still cheaper than here which retail costs 30$ or the other online site here which costs 50$!? Shocked