Email notification not working for PM's.

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Email notification not working for PM's.


I rarely get an email notification for new PM's.  Just curious if there is a fix.

I have double checked that the box is checked and I have on occasion received one.  Most of the time, I don't catch that I have a new message until a week ever (I know, need to open my eyes).

Along those lines, it would be great to have a daily digest sort of email for subscribed threads.  Sometimes notification on every post is handy, but most of the time it is too much.  Not complaining, just a thought.

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I'm also not getting mail notifications for private messages and watched posts.

Now I see

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Only once? out of some 100 messages...

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Not getting them either. Sad

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I used to receive notifications for PM's but havent seen any for several months. Also, the watched post notifications are inconsistent... sometimes I get them, some times I dont.