Banggood Should Be Banged Good. New "USA" Site.

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Banggood Should Be Banged Good. New "USA" Site.

Look, I know dealing with any Chinese dealer/distributor is a crap shoot. I’ve had good and bad with almost all of them.

I will admit I’ve had pretty good experiences with my last two orders from Banggood. I noticed they now have what they call a USA site and promise you’ll receive your order from the USA site in 2-6 days. The USA site has slightly higher prices than their Chinese site. I thought I’d give it a try.

I placed 2 orders a day apart. Right after I placed each order I received an e-mail from BG asking if I would immediately leave them positive feedback. I said I would after I received my orders if I’m satisfied with the items and if they were delivered in a timely matter as promised.

Well, it’s been 10 days so far and nothing and the tracking numbers they provided aren’t even in the system. So much for 2-6 days! Wink

I know what I said in my opening statement and I’m not giving up but just thought I’d start this thread to let folks know what my experience with their “USA” site is so far.

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Or bang bad

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Perhaps from a warehouse in the United States of Shina!

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Isn’t banggood suppose to be the last half way decent chinese site out of the current bunch? I know, I know, chinese shipping estimates are like chinese lumens. Wink

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I love your thread title!

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Not a big fan of them but they’ve given me acceptable service the last few orders, and I’m no easy date. They’ve banged me acceptably I guess. Nothing to write home about, though.

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I have had some luck with BangGood, and the couple of items that came from the “USA” warehouse were a LOT quicker than the China ones.

I am done with GearBest.

FastTech is not so fast, but has been decent as well. Just tried Kaidoman and AliExpress as well… we shall see. Money talks, so don’t spend it where you get bad service…

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Not Good Enough, But Like It

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or just Banged…

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never have a problem with BG all this time,maybe i was lucky?

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Send you a PM, hope we can solve the problem.

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PM replied to.

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Well, the first order arrived today, 7-11 and 13 days from ordering to receiving. Not too bad but certainly not 2-6 days.

The other order is still lost in the system somewhere and can’t be tracked and 13 days also.

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Well we asked for a USA stocking distributor and it looks like BG listened. Now exactly which items are stocked, and shipped from the USA may need sometime to get sorted.

I surly hope that they don’t blow their credibility by saying it is US stocked and then send it from China… that would be very bad.

Also I have had good experience with them but if I needed to return something I would want to send it (regardless of if it was stocked in the US or not) only back to the US warehouse/stocking distributor.

USPS tracking is something I can count n in that case, proving something gets returned in china is no small task and not cheap if it can be done.

Yes it will cost them more to then send it back the mother ship (I say #1 a cost of doing business and #2 a cost incentive to not stock crap) both of which I don’t think I should need to underwrite.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the first order was a tool and it was shipped in a flimsy NON-PADDED envelope and the tool was sticking out of the package! The post office isn’t easy with packages but BG sure could have shipped it in more secure packaging.

Luckily, the tool wasn’t damaged and the post office gave me the opportunity not to accept it but since it didn’t seem to be damaged, I declined.

Well, there you go, Chinese orders are a crapshoot!

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The second order finally showed up yesterday. Two weeks. Again not bad but again, not 2-6 days.

To they’re credit, Neal from BG PM’d me and tried to find out what was happening with the second order but it wasn’t anywhere in the system and luckily just showed up.

One of the items was a small Bluetooth speaker/MP3 player/FM radio and came without instructions and with only weird symbols on the speaker it’s a bear to figure out. I PM’d Neal and hopefully he’ll send the instruction sheet.

So, the BG “USA” warehouse site looks like it’s a two week order process. Like I said two weeks is better than a month or longer that it’s taken for BG and other Chinese dealer/distributor orders.

So let’s see, slightly higher prices, two week delivery instead of 2-6 days, item sent in unpadded envelope and hanging out of package, one order that can’t be tracked and item sent without operating instructions. Not a good start for BG’s USA warehouse.

Luckily, everything was received. It’s wonderful all the neat items for cheap one can obtain from Chinese deal/distributors but dealing with them, it’s CAVEAT EMPTOR.