is this a fair Gearbest solution ?

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You can buy extension tube from Simon directly here or from BG (with coupon code BLF).
40% x USD 27.2 = USD 10.88.

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M4D M4X wrote:
jump in the line… Wink

solutions i accept:

  1. free new light
  2. 100% refund
  3. PayPal claim on day 43


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I didnt receive two orders, opened Paypal cases, GB offered refund or resend, I asked for refund, GB went mute from then on, I escalated to a claim, GB provided FAKE tracking number, the one that only tracks within a China. Now Paypal asks me to proceed but gives no other options than cancel or change dispute reason.

Will wait for a couple of days and see whether Paypal updates actual tracking information or not, they say they have not confirmed it yet, I hope they wont side with those sneaky bastards :D!