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Nil Einne
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Good driver list

Since the topic of drivers comes up occasional thought I would mention which I came across a few months ago on CPF which appears to be a good source for information on the various drivers out there. The list has an e-mail if you have experience with drivers that you want to send to the maintaner & they are Torchboy at CPF (

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Thanks Nil Einne, very nice link!  Sticky'd.


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That's a useful resource, thanks for pointing it out.


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Nice link!!!

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Could save a lot of space by just linking DX and and FT.

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wow. nice!

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Thanks Nil Einne, good info! Thanks for making it a “sticky” too sb. Beer

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Thanks! It’s very useful)

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thanks, goodlinky)

Mike C
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I don’t get it… why do potential spammers come in and dig up really old non active threads to post their generic comments designed to fit any subject? Just curious as to why they wouldn’t choose to post in something active? Anyone care to enlighten me why they always seem to go necro threading?

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It's probably just a stupid spambot.

And what do you think of his eloquent signature?

Mike C
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Are the spambots specifically programmed to go necro threading? I don’t know how they work, but they do seem to dig up old non active threads. How hard can be to post in something recent? It’s the necro aspect I don’t understand.

Say that this is a spambot or a spammer, is it possible to stop it before it actually starts spamming? Having a look at the actual posts it has made, the posts are not breaking any rules but if you’ve been around for a while these posts are so easily recognized. Just gotta wait until spamming starts? What would admin say about reporting as spam even though the current posts aren’t spam?

Signature… yeah… that one breaks a rule or two. Should be able to stop this one, but most of them don’t bother using signatures.

Edit: Signature removed now… Wonder if that was sb or the user?