Gearbest tickets do they get things fixed?

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Gearbest tickets do they get things fixed?
Hi all I have heard people get a resolution here so here is my situation I placed two orders at Gearbest This one WW1508120508562000 on August 12th it was for a CooYoo Quantum TiB LED Flashlight – BLUING (TITANIUM ALLOY) and a 5 pack of Soshine LED3 6LED Touch Control USB Card Torch Pocket Outdoor Light for Mobile Power Bank Computer – Warm Light 5PCS – WARM WHITE . The order was shipped in two separate shippings. I got the CooYoo (LS052765769CN E post) on the 14th of sept as shown by the tracking however I have never received the soshine led’s which show undefined in the tracking(CN14398627754534 China Post Unregistered) I received an email on the 18th of Aug saying the led’s had been shipped and the TiB was still needing to be shipped this was the ship number they sent CN14398627754534. The email I received on the 8th of September with this number LS052765769CN is the one I received on the 14th . I opened a ticket twice and neither time did I get a response that I could understand beyond “it has been shipped”. Now it was only $6.14 but it is $6.14 and I would like to get what I order. Thanks if any more info is needed let me know. Chris I see there is a lot of this going on I thought they wanted to stay in business!


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Typically GB CS will get back to tickets, at least in my cases. They will explain what they can offer case by case, I guess.
Look through the threads lately and you will see that GB reliability is discussed a lot. Sometimes they’ll make an offer for refund, sometimes you should engage PP.

I am still waiting for many shipments.

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I have three outstanding orders: WW1508141235191555 on August 14 (CN14396078206211) / WW1509011336402769 on Sept 1 (CN14416045121066) / WW1509121200435676 on Sept 12 (CN14421263206202) , each one shipped over a month ago. No sign of any of them.

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In my experience Gearbest does stand behind their transactions. In some cases it can take up to 60 days to see untracked merchandise and NOT because of Gearbest but rather shippers that know the package is not being tracked.

Another thing to remind everybody about is with the holidays approaching shippers will get super busy

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