Group buys master list?

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Group buys master list?

Is there a group buys “master list”, as there is for Special Edition lights?

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Hi, voluntary maintainer of the Special Edition master list here. You’re not the first person to ask about a factory group buys list. For me, its just a matter of the time requirement. The Special Edition list isn’t terribly time consuming because there’s relatively few lights being worked on at any one time, and those buys take months to work out. There are many, many more factory group buys, most of them for short periods of time. The work involved to collect and organize all that in a meaningful way would be quite an undertaking, and if it wasn’t kept current it would be a useless disaster.

The good news it that those group buys tend to be very popular so activity keeps them near the top of the forum. The current ones are not too hard to dig out yourself, if you’re interested. Maybe someone will step up and attempt to organize those buys one day, but in the meantime MRsDNF has got you pointed in the right direction – just read through the first few pages of the forum and you should find whatever there is to find.