18650-Powered Motion Detecting Light

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18650-Powered Motion Detecting Light

Any recommendations for a battery-powered motion sensing light? I saw some that were AA-powered, but none that were 18650. This will be for in a closet or shed that I don’t have power.

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I’m interested in this as well, I’m thinking of building one, think I’ll search the “ piss light” thread Smile

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I use a OSRAM Nightlux motion sensor light at night time in my closet (don’t know if it is available in the USA), it’s only 3x AAA powered but with Eneloops it works for weeks.
You should look that the light has an option to set a longer timeout (e.g. 30s), it’s very disturbing if you have to move every x seconds to have light.

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My piss light is still going strong on its’ original AA alkaline cells.

I’m thinking about building a more powerful version to light up a covered walkway between my guest house/office and main house… it gets really dark there at night. Maybe solar powered charging. Motion sensors at each end of the walkway. Beefier LEDs/current. Ambient light sensor so it doesn’t trigger when the sun shines.

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I am also curious about a battery-powered motion sensing light,because I don't have yet.

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I have been using this ge led motion light for 3 years now. I have this mounted at my back door where I did not want to run wiring. I use 4 AA Eneloop in mine and I have to swap batteries every 7 months. My motion light comes on about 6 times at night.

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I found this one:


It seems a bit expensive and includes 18650s and screwdriver. I imagine it would much cheaper if BangGood stocked it.

I found these too:

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I have thought about that too and I haven’t found one yet.
The parts to build one are all cheaply available.
I have bought this to build one:

Battery case/housing PIR sensor Led driver

Just add some kind of heatsink/old pill/ flashlight head and a led.
Parts costs below 10$.

There are some things I am unsure yet is if I simply hook up the 7135 to the PIRout or if I use an input pin of the controller to make it smarter (adjustable brightness, voltage protection etc).
Also I am unsure about the standby current.
The operating voltage of the PIR is higher than one cell so I will have a look into the PIR circuit because I would like to use it with a single cell.

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So has anyone come across any 18650 powered motion detection light after all this time?
I have been searching but haven’t found any so far.


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not 18650 but 3 x AAA, really bright and is also magnetic. have one in my mailbox and the other two are on my steel entry doors. really like them and inexpensive as well, search amazon…

URPOWE Motion Sensor Light, 6 LED Bulbs Motion Sensor Lights Battery Operated Stick-on Anywhere Wireless Night Lights Magnetic Motion Sensor Security closet Light for Stairway Closet Cabinet (3 Pack )

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It’s not 18650 powered, but there are plenty of USB rechargable ones now that have built in lithium batteries. I recently picked one up and put it in my closet. Works great and the battery (~1100mah) on mine lasts quite a while – I’m really not sure how long… I took it down and preemptively charged it after a couple of months even though it wasn’t dead yet.

At first I picked up a“pure white” (ice cold) one, then switched to a warm white one, then ended up modifying it to have half warm and half cold LEDs – it now casts a nice neutral glow at night.


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I know people hate it when 3 year old threads get bumped up, but this is clearly a product people want, but I just not smart enough to make my own.

would love it if one of the brilliant light people made a product for us to buy. I would like at least 8 for my house, (closets and under counters)


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Was thinking about that for lighting up the immediate area (not too brightly, though) when cats some to eat. That and/or “ring the bell” in case there’s no food out but they’re looking.

Even got a few of those HC501 sensors to play with, just never really got around to it.

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I grabbed 4 of these from Amazon (for $20 total) 2 years ago …. front porch, back porch, dog run, outdoor stairs .. still function 100% on my laptop salvaged 18650 cells.

18650 light

THESE are the style available today at a decent price … there are others very similar as well … *ALL include a 1200mAh 18650 cell


If you replace the junk cells with freshly charged 3400mAh, they will fill your need w/o sunlight.

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I also buy that kind of lights and cell on my sample is overcharging !
I do tests couple of times just to be sure.
So it does not have any kind of protection…

You can read HERE

So people be careful when buying this kind of lights.

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I checked your link.

The blue cells in my lights were VERY light mass/weight. I replaced them immediately.

If bugsy is using the lights indoors, the solar charge system will be of no consequence.