Interesting zoomie - GREAT SPECS!

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Interesting zoomie - GREAT SPECS!

I recently built a light for a friend of mine. It was a custom-built Red S2+ with a Nichia High-CRI emitter. He loves the light, and dropped off another for me to see about upgrading the emitter with the same High-CRI Nichia:

Keen-eyed readers will note the great specs! Not only is the 18650 cell rated for 5800mAh, the light itself is rated for a mind-numbing 200W!

It’s an interesting zoomie with a presumed-LatticeBright emitter and an unusual dial-zoom mechanism. Unfortunately, this means the pill is a small lightweight aluminum slider that is threaded so turning the ring (equipped with a ball-bearing detent system) moves the pill toward-from the fixed lens, via a set of plastic rails. Meaning… No thermal path.

Keepin’ the “B” in BLF

Don wrote:
It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…

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So you tuned up a race car for him,
and then he brought you a skateboard and asked you to get the same results with that.
My, my. What faith people have in technology.

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200W. Reminds me of a funny story.

I met a guy once when browsing a local market. He mentioned to the seller how the light sold was less bright than his. They were actually comparing the printed wattage on the body.

The guy claimed his was 8000W while this one was slightly less.

It was an xre!

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I got one of it’s twins:
same ultra-cheap zoom mechanism + Latticebright LED.

Worst flashlight I ever owned.

An XR-E can handle 8000W easily. For 0.00001 Second Big Smile

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LOL. The thing is I explained to them about the chinese rating. And that even the really bright XM-L (best at the time) was only rated for 10W.

The guy didn’t believe me. He mentioned how he has “many” lights and he knows about the stuff. There’s a hint of held-back smugness in the tone too.

I didn’t bother to explain more. No use. IMO some people are just hopeless and best left alone in their world. Smile