Hello from Montana

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Hello from Montana

Hey there, I have gotten interested in the flashlights because they're cool, and legal. I'm an astronomer and green lasers are very useful at night to use as star pointers. But any decent laser is rated for <30mw which is not legal here in the states. The 501B form factor greenies are decent, I have acquired a few and find they're about 80% problem free.

Anyway, flashlights are a spillover from the Lasers, I have gotten 10 of the Sipik SK68's which I think are great. I currently am doing battle with Lazerpoint.com for 4 x Cree Q3 8455's and 2 x Uniquefire M2 XM-L T6's, 3 weeks and counting no shipment. 

Found this forum while researching my next purchases, I'm contemplating getting a crapload of $7-8, 200-300 Lumen, beamers to sell to local retailers for the upcoming holiday season. 

This is a great site, I hope to contribute much. 

Thanks for being here for me!!



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Welcome to BLF Montana Charlie. I'm also a big fan of the 501b greenies

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HA! Montana is taking over! 


jk. welcome!


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Hello Charlie. We dont have much discussion on lasers but Im sure your comments would be most welcome. I have a low power green laser and have a lot of fun with it. Its advertised at 5mW but has been tested by others to put out much more power. The range is also much more than I had ever expected and I sure couldnt go wrong with the price. Anyone even thinking about one of these should get one.

Welcome to the Forum!

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Welcome Charlie! We're glad to have you here.

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Welcome and i hope your stay is wonderful.

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Hi Charlie!


Have fun here.


I do!


Personally, I don't do lasers but that's just me.


I thought most astronomy types wanted 0.0000000001 lumen red lights.



The numbers from my light tests are always to be found here.


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Welcome to BLF, Charlie!