To 8 like minded idiots . . . Tank007 E07 BLF Edition - out-of-envelope impressions and a sincere thank you

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To 8 like minded idiots . . . Tank007 E07 BLF Edition - out-of-envelope impressions and a sincere thank you

So . . . I get back from the grocery store this afternoon, go to the mailbox and discover a small, square manila envelope from The Birthplace of Aviation.  The shape and feel resembled an 18650 battery and I wondered if some long ago back order from the likes of DX had finally been shipped. 

Inside, however, was this:

I'm torn between a public acknowledgment of this incredible gesture and a private thank you.  I am truly amazed and moved beyond words.  Maybe the best way to express my sincere gratitude is a brief, out-of-the-envelope preview.

I've been out of the loop for a while so naturally, I searched for E07 specs and after looking/reading for a minute I realized that my E07 is not a single mode like the ones on Deal Extreme and Kaidomain.  So, I broke out my high-zoot $40 DMM that hasn't been used in a few months and here's what I found:

Eneloop AA

high -     1.98 amps settling down to 1.90

medium - .62

low -        .05

Trustfire Flame 14500

high -       .80 amps then settling down to .66

medium - .24 settling to .19

low -        .01

The exposed part of the brass pill is thicker too and this hefty little guy feels and in fact is, quite robust.  The Knurling is just about perfect for a light this size and there's nothing budget about the look or function.

It's a tail-cap twisty with a lanyard ring that powers up the light and modes are changed by a counter-clockwise turn followed by a quick clockwise turn back on.  Mode spacing is about what I would call ideal and I have to say; the low, low is perfect.

Somebody's been busy in here behind this Osram.

I've only used it for a few hours and will do a better review later but so far, I like it.  It heats up a little after a while so I'll be doing some exterior temp testing and when using primaries, the light stays on when the head is screwed down.  Also, a 14500 might be a sliver too long in my example . . .

Words on a page are hardly adequate to convey my sincere gratitude for those eight "idiots" (Boaz's appellation on the enclosed note) responsible for this awesome flashlight and I can only hope that I am 9th among the 8.



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Oh dear, what else would Boaz have written in that note??? :bigsmile:

We're very glad to have you here Foy!

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i missed the great pics and commentary. nice to see you here stranger.



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Nice review Foy Laughing

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Appellations? I didn't know Boaz was a mountain man!


Sure looks like there is something living under that Osram. Scary.


And... welcome home. Smile

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Nice to see your review and picture.   Thanks.  


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Very glad to have you here with us Foy!! We have all been thinking of you and not just because of your reviews (with the great foyisms!) you're part of the family and we just wanted to let you know you are thought of!

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I forgot just how much I missed your reviews and the great macro shots. Great to have you back!
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I bought 2, ones great(s/n105770262) ..the other makes a loud buzzing noise on med or low (s/n105770038) and also has a huge higher k, more like 5000k compared to the other which is much better on earth did you open up the head? mine certainly doesn't seem to want to.

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I just grapsed those nice knurls in me left fingers and the brassy threads in me right, gave her a little English and soon thereafter had a coated lens, o-ring and teeny-tiny little reflector layin' on me counter.


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