Test/Review of Charger Bowei HC-103W

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Test/Review of Charger Bowei HC-103W

Charger Bowei HC-103W
DSC_2848 DSC_2849
This charger is a very cheap LiIon charger that supports a wide variety of LiIon sizes.
DSC_2853 DSC_2854
The charger is powered from the mains and is universal voltage (100-240 VAC 47/63 Hz). It has a foldable EU plug and it does not fit modern outlets where the holes are below the surface of the outlet.
The charger has one led, that will be red when charging and green at other times.
DSC_2851 DSC_2852
The charger uses the usual slider constrution and support from 30mm to 69mm, this means it will not support long protected 18650 cells.
The + pole is below the surface of the plastic, this means that it do not support flat top batteries.
DSC_2916 DSC_2917 DSC_2918 DSC_2919 DSC_2920 DSC_2921 DSC_2922
The charger can only handle up to 69mm long cells, but only button top cells.
The charger do not use a CC/CV algorithm, but constant current and terminates on voltage. The termination is around 4.45 volt, this is way to high and not very safe.
Due to this, I did not do any more tests on the charger, instead I found a screwdriver.
Tear down
I had to remove 3 screws to open it.
There is very few parts in this charger.
The chip is a very small through hole chip, here I have placed a normal sized chip besides it.
There is no safety distance between mains and low volt side on this charger (About 0.5mm, it is supposed to be above 6mm).
Both testing with 2500 volt and 5000 volt between mains and low volt side failed, making the charger unsafe everywhere in the world
There is only one thing to say about this charger: Stay away
It do not fit the mains outlets, it cannot charge in a safe way and it is dangerous to touch when plugged in.
Here is an explanation on how I did the above charge curves: How do I test a charger

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Ouch, these type of chargers are sold in bulk in one package with crappy flashlights and xxxfire batteries, I wonder how many casualties it already has made.

Thanks for the revealing test!

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Wow, thanks for this. Were did you get it?

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You really should use the correct tools for the job , hkj. In this case, a hammer. Thanks for not only finding great stuff for us to use, but what to avoid!


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And it is called “universal smart li-ion charger” when bundled with cheap flashlights and batteries. No wonder why lithium is considered dangerous.

Thanks for the test, this one should be a sticky so every new member can see it. Most new flashlight buyers tend to get the complete package.

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maukka wrote:
Wow, thanks for this. Were did you get it?

I will expect it to be the same everywhere. The actual charge voltage and current will probably vary, due to the very cheap construction, but the safety will always be very bad.

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Thanks HKJ for the terrific review. A good warning for everyone about crappy cheap chargers.


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Three skulls, no doubt! Thanks for the review!

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Wow….this must be one of the worse chargers you’ve ever tested. At least it’s the worse reviewed one I’ve seen from you.


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Holy sh**t!! >:-#
The problem is that a lot of people buy this crappy charger… Sick

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Thanks HKJ.

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I just woke up- my eyes are still half closed and sleepy and not enough coffee in me yet to have a clear mind. I read the charger name as “Bowel HC 103W” and thought ‘No, that has to be wrong’.

_After seeing this review perhaps “Bowel” would be a more appropriate name for it because it really is crap _

Thanks for helping keep us safe and in-the-know HKJ. You are a great light in the darkness of the world.