Group project...pipe dream?

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Group project...pipe dream?

This is more for discussion than for anything else but what about doing a group project sometime?

I have an idea but haven't thought it out that well (I'm doing that here in part)!

Rather than have a manufacturer/dealer come up with an unique light what if we did it ourselves both individually and as a group?

Seeing the post of the "C8-mini" made me think about what I'd like that isn't really available or at least at a reasonable cost that would be somewhat unique.

To me that would be a single 18650 tube with a 38 mm (at least) head using an aspheric driven to 1.4 A (using XR-E R2) and if possible using a constant current driver so you get the high throw numbers for more than just a minute or two. Runtime for this light would be secondary. Think of it as a dedicated thrower/spotter used for a few minutes at a time.

One mode, momentary switch, smooth bezel just deep enough to allow the light to be placed head down without scratching the aspheric.

No crenelated bezels, heat fins or scalloped tailcaps. No need for tailstanding.

A single 14500 might be a consideration to keep the tube length down if it didn't further complicate finding the right host.

The challenge would be to find a host that was as close to what was wanted as possible from the beginning as well as finding an aspheric lens that requires little modification. Some have "lips" or flanges that are fairly easy to grind away if necessary to adjust the fit.

Everyone could buy the same light and most of the assembly would be just be changing a tail switch, dropping in an aspheric, etc.

The group aspect might be for someone with excellent electronics skills to help out those without those skills as long as we were just mailing pills around with return postage included (as long as the numbers of people involved didn't get too great).

Maybe it turns out that we can't get a smooth bezel so maybe someone with a machine shop could offer to grind down a few bezels for those without those skills/tools.

It doesn't need to be a burden since it's a voluntary thing and everyone doesn't need that help and many may have those skills. If we are all using the same thing the experimentation goes faster because we're all doing the same thing.

Unlike the DEFT where every little thing has to be the best for "worlds best" bragging rights (and rightly so) the focus on this would be something small, unique and not complicated.

I never saw the old Tiable A9 with aspheric head. Maybe this is something like that but I'm envisioning something that looks closer to the "C8 mini" mentioned in another post with some improvements.

The other issue with a group of course is that perhaps everyone wants something different and therefore this won't work. I know the appeal for me wouldn't be a C8 mini aspheric with XM-L or a small thrower with a reflector or one with modes.

Nothing will probably become of this particular idea (as a group anyway) and if not that's OK. That's just the only light that I'm personally interested in.

However, if a majority are interested in something else this might still be a good concept for you to work as a group on your project.

Just thinking out loud here Smile

The group concept is also good (and interesting) in the design/planning stage as "two heads are better than one" so that's more people looking for suitable hosts and catching potential mistakes before they happen.

I know from prototypes that I have done that we could easily get 50 kcd (keeping Dr. Jones happy here) Smile with the 38 mm aspheric and depth doesn't need to be all that great so we could keep the size much less than the HS-802.

Another use of everyone's individual strengths is that someone with excellent machining skills might modify a bezel first and then find an easier way for others to do it with their own more common tools or someone may suggest a host or driver based on how hard or easy it is to modify.

Everyone has some unique skills/knowledge to contribute to the group.

Just a thought.

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Actually, one possibility might be the HS-802 if there is an easy update for the pill. I can't remember if it's easy to screw in or if it's soldered and I don't know how much room is in the pill and what the heat transfer is like. It would be nice to have a spring for the positive battery contact as well.

A 1.2-1.4 constant current driver for that and then using a hacksaw I suppose one could cut the head down. There is still the issue of mounting the aspheric and making a bezel.

Be seen trike (did I get that user name correct?) has suggested in the past I believe that epoxy putty is an easy solution for some of these kinds of details.

So, that's a rough solution Smile

I'd prefer to find a host closer to the right size where the work would just be replacing a driver and locating the right aspheric and maybe some minor grinding work.

I have no experience with drivers (constant current or otherwise) or really with soldering either...too tedious for my hands. I have some trial and error experience finding the right host  (and luck) and some with aspherics in general and  replacing reverse switches with forward switches.

I do have a HS-802 and I do have a 38 mm aspheric temporarily placed in it and I get 45 kcd with the stock 1A non-constant current driver.