My difficulty with Strobe and SOS modes

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My difficulty with Strobe and SOS modes

So at least for me, in my opinion, I really dislike it.


These modes ruin my Fenix LD20...I accidentally go into those modes all the time and it just ruins my enjoyment of the light.

Thats why I have a Fenix E21 on order it should be simpler with just high and low.  Im also looking at ordering a Solar Force LR (?) its supposed to be L-M-H but I have to check.


There must be other people like me who just want a light to see in the dark on the odd occasion its needed so you can see things or do work in an emergency.  Its not like Im in Afghanistan and have to signal a helicopter for evac or anything, even the SOS is a bit of a stretch.


Maybe even programmable would be good, have a Civilian mode, just L-M and twist is H. 


Anyway I am also waiting on a StreamLight Stylus Pro...that should be my dream light...just ONE mode, LOL.  And it comes in blue, or red, which I prefer to black all the time.