Recommendations for a kid-proof light

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Jack Kellar
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I was just going to say to not let your lil’ one hold one to play with at all (play with her by using the torch instead, it promotes bonding and gives a flashaholic justification to have and mess with his toys [think of the children!], hahaha!), but then…

Rufusbduck wrote:
Led, moon mode driver, li-ion cell, wireless charge receiver, and accelerometer all hermetically sealed in a clear resin rubber ball. Only lights when it bounces, no loose parts to swallow, rechargeable. If you keep raising the g force limit and by the time they let women pitch in the majors she can throw a 100mph fastball. There’s your retirement investment.

… Rufus saves the thread!

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tops2 wrote:

I was thinking the Fenix E01 too, but then if he unscrews the head, it becomes a choking hazard…

Wow, you can tell that I’m out of practice with kids, the head is just the right size to be a problem.
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BLF = Buy Lotsa FlashlitesLaughing

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KelG wrote:
How about this one from Ikea?

now your talking
it does say 3 and over which i would follow

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