It would seem HID is dead.

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The last two cars that I have bought 2015 Lincoln Navigator and 2015 Audi A3 both have HID. My daily driver is a Jetta TDI wagon with standard halogens, and they are barely passable. HID projectors are such a significant upgrade over regular halogen reflectors that they aren’t even comparable. When I bought the Audi LED was an option, but I wasn’t sold on automotive LED tech at the time. I feel that when you need multiple point sources to generate enough light for a headlight, then the technology wasn’t there yet. I know know with some of the matrix really cool things are possible. But I really like the ability to change tint in the HIDs with easy vs a lot more involvement with the LEDs. Also, most factory HIDs seem to be sold with the brightest HIDs in the NW range vs LEDs in the CW. I also don’t know if LEDs are going to melt ice from freezing rain or snow as well as HIDs, so that is another consideration.

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HIDs still have their place in certain high performance flashlight applications. The Lemax lights are very, very good if you want continous performance. They have large batteries (with modern cells) and never overheat. There is no compareable LED light on the market.

Similarily the Maxabeam and Megaray still don’t have any rivals in stock form. Only the more compact, stamdard HIDs from companies like Polarion will be replaced in the near-term.