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Lightbringer wrote:
hIKARInoob wrote:
Well it looks like I’ve completely misunderstood a famous joke for many many years.

Question: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Answer: To get to the other side!

Haha, that is just sooo funny!
Yeah, I just realised it’s a suicide joke.

“With God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”

Well… you have Turkey Airlines. Silly

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‘pends on where you are, I guess.
butt, our local turkeys can outfly steelshot over 30 yards

(or that’s my excuse)

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Okay, why’d I think that would land? (No pun intended.)

Looks like crappy “recorded it with a videocam offa my teevee” quality, but it’s all I could find offhand.

Figured at least BLFer herbtarlek would get it. Big Smile

Anyhoo, enjoy!

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I’d be in bad shape if I had a screw loose, but conversely if all 6 of my screws were loose I’d really be screwed!

(you know, the whole ti plate holding my neck together thing? 6 ti screws? just tried to take a bezel off a light, seems to be glued, strained, feels like I popped a rivet…funny how much of a wuss I am after surgery, in a not-funny kind of way)


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When i saw the daily joke thread up near the top of the list on the front page,i have to admit I had a little moment of pride . then I looked down and …

I spotted a thread clone.

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