Xtar MC1 Charger just $3! Xtar MC1 Plus $4

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Xtar MC1 Charger just $3! Xtar MC1 Plus $4

Hey guys is always trying to bring you guys the best deals :D. I have Xtar MC1 and MC1 Plus in stock and ready to leave our shelves. I want to take $1 off each the MC and MC1 Plus. Check them out below.

Coupon Code: MC1

MC1: http://www.sbflashlights.com/Batteries-Chargers/Xtar-MC1-p363.html

MC1 Plus: http://www.sbflashlights.com/Batteries-Chargers/Xtar-MC1-Plus-p407.html

Thanks BLF!

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Hi, good deals on this ones !
Also, if you could find a way of reducing the shipping fees to, say, 10$ ore even less I’m sure you would have some great success in European countries Smile
I, for one, would love to buy an L3illumination flashlight and you’re the only one to sell them…but 15$ of shipping is killing the deal Sad

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Nice deal, but no shipping to India? Sad

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All shipping questions please email sales[@]sbflashlights.com

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I was looking for a cheap but good quality 18650 charger to gift to friends along lights. I had a few xtar mc1 and was happy with them. So I searched on blf and found this thread.
Surprisingly the deal is still there except it got even sweeter. Now SBflashlights has mc1+ for $3. I ordered five. Somehow $2.74 was deducted from total automatically. Shipped is $3.5 for domestic US, which is just reasonable too. So I paid $16 for 5 xtar mc1+ shipped. That is great deal!