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Sounds like voltage monitoring. Is it for 1S or 2S batts? Maybe the wrong firmware for 1S/2S? If it's 2S, you have to use the 2 voltage divider resistors, and of the right values, and the firmware to match.

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Skylight wrote:
I have build a few TA drivers successfully but three of my latest drivers seem to have a problem. If I use them on Turbo or with all 7135’s the flashlight steps down the brightness after a few seconds. One or two minutes later the flashlight will turn off completely.

It could be the driver is overheating with the AMCs but other drivers don’t have this problem. What could be the cause of this sudden stepdown and how can I resolve it? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

turning off means you may have not the voltage divider used right or compiled not to read from Vcc

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Hi all,

I am the owner of a Reylight Dawn 2.1 with a TA driver and modified Bistro firmware. I have noticed an oddity of this setup which is that the medium press does not take as long to engage when the light is warm. For example, when I put it on turbo for several seconds, I then only have to press for about a half or quarter second to get the medium press to work. Otherwise, I have to press down for over one half second. Any ideas about why this is?

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This is normal for this generation driver. The cap heats up and changes the capacitance and thus the timing.

This has been an issue ever since the OTC cap was introduced.

There are methods now to improve this but they have not been widely used yet and the best method is to remove the OTC and go to a completely digital measurement system but no one has made the firmware for this yet.

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Got it, thanks for the reply!