PAR38 or BR30 bulbs for Exterior Security Light

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PAR38 or BR30 bulbs for Exterior Security Light

I have an outdoor security light fixture in my backyard and I’m wondering if I should go with PAR38 or BR30 led light bulbs (largest that will fit) in it. The light is up against my house and near a door, so I need light directly underneath, all around and up close, as well as far away. BR30 bulbs have an even 110 degree beam spread (similar to a Zebralight headlamp) but not much throw, and the PAR38 have a 40 degree beam spread with more throw, but I’m not sure if that will be enough flood coverage for the area near the light.

Would it be better to go with BR30 bulbs (110 degree flood, shorter throw) or PAR38 bulbs (40 degree spread, longer throw) for my outdoor security light, or maybe a mixture of both. Has anyone experimented with this?

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I can’t say directly, but do consider that light will reflect off of nearby surfaces like the house giving you the effect of more local ‘spill’ in situations like this. And that may be enough light close-in allowing you to use a bulb with more throw. A light mounted away from the house would give you far less of this.