Video Review of the Jetbeam II Pro, courtesy of Banggood

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Video Review of the Jetbeam II Pro, courtesy of Banggood




I received this light free, for the video review. The review covers just the basics and Here are a couple photos and beam shots:



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Awesome review! Thanks! Party

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Thanks for review Old-Lumens!!!, this is one of my preferred lights of 2016.

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Thanks Old-Lumens, my sample serial number is only 8 off yours at 162800309. Very nice build, beam and ui, great edc.

In the Lock Out mode i have found you can actually access all output levels, [turn on or off 4-5 second press]

Double quick press and release – moonlight mode
Double quick press again and release -high mode
Now hold down to scroll down to med-low-high-med-low continuous loop and release any any mode

Also in lock out mode [from off]

Double click and release to moonlight
Now hold down to alternate between high and moonlight in a continuous loop and release at desired level

Also in lock out [from off]

Triple click to strobe.

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This was the light I was waiting for a couple months ago, couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Even watched a couple reviews and thought I could get use to the ui, nope! Takes too damn long to change modes, you hold the button and wait like a second before anything happens, so annoying! The olights are much faster to change modes ( in addition to that it cycles too slow). Clip can only put on in two ways or battery won’t make contact. Double click from off to moonlight is intuitive, hold to lock out seems silly though. Rather have a triple or quadruple click because I leaned on it in my pocket and locked it out. Who makes these ui’s and thinks it’s ok? Anyway thanks for the review!

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Thanks for the review OL. These lights are getting so small now. I’m looking forward to seeing Tom E put a hot rod driver in one as it has his favoured electronic switch. Smile


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Have been on the fence regarding one of these. I am getting used to the Olight UI and am not a fan. This one sounds better. May have to part ways with the little Olights.

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