Review: Olight S1R TurboS version

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Review: Olight S1R TurboS version

I received the updated S1R baton from, curtesy of Toby.

The updated version of the S1R has the same look, feel and construction of the previously reviewed model. So, I’d advise you to read the review of the previous version, for a complete description of the light.

The update consists in the added Turbo level, that is positioned between the 900 and 300 lumens levels present on the previous version.
So, on this version these are the levels:
- TurboS: 900 lumens 1.5 minutes, 300 lumens 50 minutes
- Turbo: 600 lumens 1.5 minutes, 300 lumens 55 minutes
- High: 300 lumens 60 minutes
- Medium: 60 lumens 4.5 hours
- Low: 12 lumens 33 hours
- Moonlight: 0.5 lumens 15 days

The interface will be slightly different, more on that later.

The box is different from the old S1R version.
As you can see, there is TurboS written on it.

The package is complete with detailed instructions, and is packed with stuff.

With the updated version of the S1R you will find: the light, the Olight IMR protected proprietary 16340 cell, embroided pouch, magnetic charging cable and lanyard.

The included battery is also the same.

The charging base works in the same way

The updated S1R has the same look and size of the old S1R.

The update consists in a modification of the interface: the old Turbo level (900 lumens) is still present, and is called TurboS. A new 600 lumen level has been introduced, and is called Turbo.

Now, a double click from off, will turn the S1R on at Turbo mode.
When in turbo mode, another double click will access to TurboS mode.
Everything else regarding the interface is identical to the old S1R (level access, memory, lockout mode, low battery indicator, timer, …).

I’ve been told that the only outer difference is in the box.
Also, this updated version will not replace the S1R version with a single turbo mode.
They will be both for sale.
Again, please refer to the review of the previous S1R model a complete discussion of the light.

Just a small comparative pic with the only other CR123 sized light I own: the Jetbeam JET II Pro. They have the same size.

Output and Runtime
I tested the output and runtime using the integrated Olight 16340 IMR protected battery.

My thoughts
I like the addition of another level of 600 lumens.
I don’t find annoying that I have to make 2 double click to access the 900 lumens mode. If you find yourself using often the turbo mode, but you won’t need all the 900 lumens, the 600 lumens turbo will help you save a lot of runtime, given the small size of the battery.
All the other comments stated in the review of the previous version to this light.
The main limit is still that you can’t recharge common RCR batteries, only the Olight proprietary batteries.
Thanks to AntoLed for lending me the luxmeter and the camera.

All my reviews, in italian and english, here:

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Thanks for the great review like usual.
I don’t know how anyone could be bothered clicking 4 times just to get to max output. Max output should be available from off straight away.
You’re walking down the street and you hear something. Let’s click twice then wait then click twice again to check what did you hear in the dark lol
I hope this version makes the previous a lot cheaper Big Smile

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Box wrote:
Thanks for the great review like usual. I hope this version makes the previous a lot cheaper Big Smile

+1 Big Smile

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just receive my S1r and im in shock ! I wanted to compare it to my (astrolux s1 in short form, BLF A6) but this light is much more tiny ! the light output is less than my astrolux but this thing punch quite a lot for this size !!, getting hot very fast also