Nice case/pouch for FLs

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Nice case/pouch for FLs

These mobile cases/pouches may be suitable for flashlights. I like them, ordering this one :


See all here :


'Golla' mobile case


We need a sub-forum for FL accessories !


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Seems perfect for my mobile, UF SS C3 & SRM 710. Sorry for the dinky pictures.


golla, uf ss c3 & srm 710


stuff inside golla


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Hey cpf, I had ordered this one after seeing your post, too. And today I received...


Dang... I mean I do look like a girl sometimes... But how does FP know? Wink

Let's see how they'll handle this.

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<a href=" wrote:


Respectable Customers,

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Are you a respectable customer phlowcus? Wink

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Here's what I keep mine in.


It was a laptop bag which was on sale for about $15. It holds around 80 lights

Light bag


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