Kingston UF-2100 at DD?

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Kingston UF-2100 at DD?

The current Ad at DD calls it the Kingston UF-2100.  Has anyone gotten the Kingston labeled version? 

Is it the same (over)driven XM-L that everyone has posted about?

I bought one today using the 20% off Thanksgiving sale that is on now.

Bottom line, $14.95 USD.

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I just did the same thing today. The photos don't show the name Kingston on the light. I think it will be the same light. I guess we will see in a couple of weeks.

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They have a whole bunch of mislabeled flashlights and for some reason, some of the names keep changing. I assume it's the same flashlight but I won't know for sure for another couple of weeks. Wink

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You will get a Uniquefire 2100