Flashlight Factory In Shenzhen

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Flashlight Factory In Shenzhen

My Son will be in Shenzhen for his work this January right up to the day before Chinese New Year.
I supplied him with a bunch of flashlights for Burning Man which worked out great for him.
So in talking when he was home over Christmas about his upcoming trip to Shenzhen I told him that they should have a Flashlight in or around Shenzhen.

So I was wondering if anyone would know the address of a Flashlight factory in Shenzhen.
This is his second trip so he has some knowledge of the area.

The only information I could find is that Convey may be located in Shenzhen.

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There is a way to search aliexpress for OEM manufacturers… I can’t remember how to do it though. Everything has MOQ quantities in the 100s ~ 1000s, and manufacturers are stated on the listings.
Now I remember… go to alibaba and search for flashlights. It will bring up a TON of OEMs and their manufacturing locations are usually stated in each listing.

Heres a listing for Brynite and it lists

It lists Shenzhen Yeguang Technology Co. which I believe is the OEM. (not 100% positive, let others correct me).

Heres a listing for Trustfire… Appears to OEM supply anyone who wants to set up a business partnership. Also located in Shenzen.

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I have complete adress of Brinyte’s factory in Shenzhen, so if you need it, I can send it to you via PM.

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There is a buy electronic parts guide:
The Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen

Maybe it is sth for your son.

The whole category “made in China” on this blog is interesting.

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I think you are on wrong way.
1. China is not as simple as you think. Factory stuff is not this managers that are selling goods all over world. Im not sure that your order could be so big that they will allow your son enter there. There is non-zero probability that he will find factory location, meet some men in military uniform that dont let him enter in and thats all.
I think this semi-close enter rules is main reason why we still have so few quality photos and videos of flashlights (and lots of other products) manufacturing process.
2. Have you ever heard about better deals for brand goods in china locally? Cheaper tools, iphones, other goods? I know few people that went there for holidays. All electronics that they could find locally was more expencive that you can find online.
Also, often manufactor is not allowed to sell goods directly to foreign person or company.
It would be better if youll try to find seller/retailer/dealer that have special terms with any oem factory. If Simon dont want to help you, you can try to contact manager that helped with blf specials (he dont work for banggood now but he should know “ways” to flashlight production).

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Youtube user Serpentza is a white guy originally from South Africa that moved to Shenzhen 10 years ago; definitely looks like a foreigner to them.

He does now speak the native language, and shows that when dealing with a purchase, if they think you are a tourist they will offer you an astronomical price initially. Here he shows hows to haggle for a playstation in Shenzhen.

Now these are retail outlets, not factories, but if anyone could help your son it would be this guy. He’s real interested in meeting his fans (~109k subscribers as of this post) and is also interested in giving good insight into how to get along in China as a foreigner.

I would contact him.

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Thanks to everyone for their input, very interesting for sure.

At the last minute they sent him to Shanghai because they had more problem to be solved than Shenzhen……….

So might be a bit before he will be in Shenzhen .

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Wuben is located in Shenzen. On their website some pictures of the building and the manufacturing process:
It says there: “Welcome to our Factory,We have Many good Products share you.”

And even a mobile number of a contact called “Sabrina”: http://www.wubenlight.com/about/contact.html

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BLF-member WWEFANS/Rey recently got a new job: at Wuben. Why don’t you PM him.
IMHO he’s the best person to understand what a typical flashaholic would like to see and learn.

I always think long and hard before I say something really stupid.

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Great information on the Wuben factory and that Rey is working for them now.

This could work when/if they send him to Shenzhen.

Thanks for this information Smile