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Status for 2016

Status for 2016


I have published many reviews this year, between 4 and 5 each week (Total around 230) and even with that many reviews I did not review everything I wanted to review. I have collected some highlights in this article.

To keep up to date on my reviews it is a good idea to check the “Last additions” section on my front page, it will list the last couple of reviews/test/articles I have done, just below it there might also be information about good offers, coupon codes, etc. for stuff I have just reviewed (When present it will be from the dealer that gave me the review item).


At the start of the year I switches to full four terminal on my two LiIon test stations (In the comparators these cells are marked with an asterisk), this was not without problems, I melted about 10 battery holders, before I got a solution that was reliable.
I have reviewed about 140 batteries this year, this means I have more than 500 battery reviews on my website. Like last year I got many batteries for review from rewrappers.

The battery capacity did not increase this year, but high capacity, high current cells are now common.

High current cells from the major brands, they are all rated at 20A or more current (There may be time or temperature limits):

Samsung 3000mAh

Sanyo/Panasonic 2600mAh

LG 3000mAh

Sony 3000mAh

High capacity cells from the major brands:

Samsung 3500mAh

Sanyo/Panasonic 3500mAh

LG 3500mAh

Due to the many vapers rebranders has taken to the high current cells, always sold unprotected (Protection is not practical at high current). They are sometimes announced with very high current ratings:

Enercig 18650 2600mAh (Gray) 31A

Staring IMR18650 2500mAh (Green) 45A

AW IMR18650 3000mAh (Red) 2016 20A

Aucooma IMR18650 2800mAh (Purple-blue) 40A

I saw some cells with problems:

Gpower 18650 3000mAh (Yellow-black) 40A

UltraFire SZ18650 9900mAh (Yellow)

What technology is inside that super cell

There have been very few protected cell, one interesting type did show up, but they do not fit everywhere due to the length:

Lumintop 18650 3400mAh usb (White) LM34C

MecArmy 18650 U18-34 3400mAh (Black-red), usb rechargeable

I had to check how the above batteries where made

With larger cells (26650) there is more cells with around 5000mAh, due to vapers they are often marked with very high and optimistic current ratings.

Shockli IMR26650 5200mAh (Black) 30A/60A

Efest IMR26650 5200mAh (Purple) 2016

And as usual some manufacturers are way too optimistic in their markings:

BestFire IMR26650 6000mAh (Purple) 60A

BestFire IMR26650 4500mAh (Purple) 90A

The smaller cells are getting good at high current, these small cells can handle 10A:

Hibatt IMR14500 700mAh (Orange)

Keeppower IMR18350 (Black)

I have tested a few alkaline and NiMH AA/AAA cells and a single lithium cells:

HQ Alkaline Ultra Power AA

Eneloop AA BK-3MCCE 1900mAh (White)

Japcell Lithium AA

This year I got started on 9V batteries, the first couple of tests covers the many different ways to make them. The classic 6 cell alkaline, 7 or 8 cell NiMH, LiIon either two in series or one with boost converter:

9V battery index

A did a few articles about LiIon batteries:

My charger do not charge LiIon to 4.2V, is it faulty?

How far can LiIon be discharged?

Battery chargers

This year I have tested about 45 chargers for round cells, making the total about 190 chargers. I have listed a few of the more interesting chargers here, but there are many more. The total list of charger can be found on my website.

This charger can charge just about any round cell:

Charger GyrFalcon All-88 (Enova)

Charger GyrFalcon All-44 (Enova)

Xtar made a charger with external voltage/resistance probes, this is also their first analyzing charger:

Charger Xtar VP4 Plus Dragon

A new chip for charging LiIon is available, this chip is a switcher, this gives it some advantages compared to the TP4056.

Charger 1.5A 3.6-4.2V (TP5000)

A small fairly universal charger showed up from a couple of brands

Charger LiitoKala Lii-100

There is also a two cell version of it.

Charger LiitoKala Lii-202

USB chargers

I only tested a few power banks this year, but tested a bit over 40 usb chargers. For a complete list see my usb charger index (With skull ratings) or my usb index.

6 port charger with individual port protection and build in current meter:

Caseflex 50W 6 port CF-AZ01-Z038

Cannot get enough ports, maybe this is the solution:

Aukey 10 port wall charger QC3 PA-T8

QuickCharge 2.0+3.0 and a normal usb output, both with lots of power:

BlitzWolf 30W QC3.0 Dual-Port USB Adapter BW-S6

Very good car charger, with some extra functions:

Nonda ZUS, dual car usb charger and locator

A small power bank:

Blitzwolf Mini power bank 3350mAh BW-P2

Or a very large power bank with usb-c support:

Power bank Ravpower Turbo+ RP-PB043 (20100mAh)

And, of course, the usual collection of bad and dangerous chargers:

3.1A 3 port usb charger

I wrote two articles about usb chargers, both are a bit technical. The first one is about the different coding schemes and fast charging, the second one explains what the different parts inside an usb charger do.

USB power information

How does a usb charger work?

USB test equipment

I have tested some usb test equipment this year.

From a simple resistor that gets extremely hot (275°C):
USB Load resistor 1A-2A

To PC based measuring system:

Electronic load ZKE EBD-USB+

A universal load for testing usb chargers and power banks:

YZXStudio Load ZL1000

A device to trigger quick charge or MTK-PE voltages (This can also be used to destroy phones with):

USB meter: QC2-3-MTK-PE Trigger J7-t

I tested some YZX studio usb meters, they make some of the best:

YZXStudio USB meter ZY1270

Led drivers

I did not test any led drivers in 2016

Anything else

In this category I checked a a power supply and a load.

The power supply is only a frontend that needs a DC input voltage, then it supplies voltage regulation and adjustable current limit. This is a cheap way to get a fairly decent lab power supply:

Power supply frontend DPS5015 50V/15A

What to expect in 2017

I do not expect any major changed in 2017. At the current time I am nearly out of batteries, this may reduce my publishing frequency. I will continue testing 9V batteries, but this is rather slow, due to the low test current and there will be weeks between 9V reviews.
With usb chargers I need to upgrade my equipment to handle advanced usb-c, but I have not seen any good upgrades yet. This means for now I will only be testing old usb and usb-c with up to 5V 3A.
I have a few articles planned, but as usual only a few (I do not have time for more). There is now an index with all my articles.
I expect there will be a bit more stuff up in the “Anything else” category.

To discuss or ask questions about specific reviews they can usual be found on CPF, BLF and fonarevka (Not all reviews are posted everywhere).

Suggestions about what to test are welcome. When sending suggestion remember to include a link to a shop that ships to EU (Denmark). It is also possible to ask dealers/manufactures if they will send stuff for review.

My website with reviews of many chargers and batteries (More than 1000):

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Thank you so much for the hard work you put in! Most of my charger and LiIon purchase decisions are based on your test reviews and this is priceless.

Going forward I can’t wait to see what USB-C will bring in terms of consumer devices; next year I’ll buy a new Macbook Pro with USB-C and will upgrade all other devices to the new standard.

Also, DIY power banks would need a big revamp (bought a few on AE/ebay and was shocked how bad they are).

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Wow, thanks for all your reviews.
How do you find time to do so many in a year?

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Thanks a lot HKJ, I check almost every day your reviews (I have a bookmark to your BLF threads page!).
Getting ready for USB-C is a good idea I think. However your test equipment might need a big upgrade to handle the power.
I see many great cigarette lighter chargers that can charge your phone and laptop at the same time in the near future.

My English isn’t perfect but I’m trying to improve it. If you see something that doesn’t sound right or is just plain wrong, please feel free to point it out! Smile

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Bort wrote:
How do you find time to do so many in a year?

Battery requires a lot of automated testing, but not very much of my time. I usual have time to write between one and two real reviews each week and I do have a lot of reviews prepared for when I do not have time.

lagman wrote:
However your test equipment might need a big upgrade to handle the power.

Not really, all my loads are rated at 300W and power supplies are 100W+, the largest one 1200W

My website with reviews of many chargers and batteries (More than 1000):

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Thanks for all those tests again HKJ

A truly independent and knowledgable tester like you, that also has your immense production rate, is very very important in this modern world. I think that you in your own have already had a significant contribution to a postive quality developement of several product industries in China.

I’m just curious where you get the motivation for all this hard work and money invested?

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Thank you for your never-ending work for us!


i wish you a blessed 2017

find all available items in this list

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find a short description about my idea here


if you want to buy a flashlight or battery for a better price: just send a mail - i will try to save you money!

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Thank you very, very much for sharing your work!


I can't believe one person churns out all that data.

Pablo E.
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Great year of tons of valuable information!

Thanks a lot!!!

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Thank you for all the effort you put in and creating such detailed reviews.

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Thank you HKJ.
You are an important asset when looking up several items I was considering purchasing this past year.

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Even your year end update thread is darn useful. Thanks!

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Thank you HKJ!
Your work, reports, comments, & reviews are greatly appreciated!! Thumbs Up

Happy New Year!!!


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Always look forward to your reviews, HKJ. Thanks for your posts, must reading!

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Impressive work indeed. Thanks for all the education you are providing to this community. You are a great contributer and we all benefited from your work. Please keep these reviews coming.


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Thank you for all the work you put in, HKJ.

All of my good chargers were selected after reading your reviews of them, and I’ve learned a lot from articles you’ve written, too.

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Many thanks for all your fine work! Wonderful resource very useful.





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Many Thanks for this resume of 2016, and for all your efforts.

You are a Valuable Asset and a Very Busy Contributor to the Forum.

I have made several purchases on the basis of your testing, and avoided a few bad tested products too, thus saving money!

Keep Up the Good Work.

S-L Smile

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Damn, you’re a busy little beaver, aintcha? Big Smile

Thanks for doing the dirty work for us, so we have an idea what we’re getting ourselves into without getting terribly screwed!

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Jaddie wrote:
I can’t believe one person churns out all that data.

Hmmm… unless he’s got a team of elves in his workshop, maybe? Big Smile

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G'Day Henrik aka HKJ,  smile


Thank you VERY Much for all your VERY Valuable work & help.


Best Regards,


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HKJ, your commitment to testing is awesome!
I did not read every review you wrote, but the ones I did were very helpful.
Your efforts are appreciated and I look forward to 2017.
Thank you!

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Immensely valuable person to us, may your passion and dedication never fade.
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HKJ status update 2016 : BOSS

Permanent status.

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Link for BlitzWolf 30W QC3.0 Dual-Port USB Adapter BW-S6 appears to point to the wrong charger. Thanks

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Thanks for all the nice words.

Lightbringer wrote:
Jaddie wrote:
I can’t believe one person churns out all that data.

Hmmm… unless he’s got a team of elves in his workshop, maybe? Big Smile

I could use that sometimes, but I only have a pile of computer and equipment to help me.

aoeu wrote:
Link for BlitzWolf 30W QC3.0 Dual-Port USB Adapter BW-S6 appears to point to the wrong charger.

Thanks, it is fixed now.

My website with reviews of many chargers and batteries (More than 1000):

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Thanks a lot for your great reviews HKJ, keep on going! Thumbs Up

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Mere words cannot express our gratitude about what you do for us Thumbs Up

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2017 HKJ Big Smile


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Thank a lot for your reviews, HKJ! They are really helpful.

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HKJ, you’re an absolute treasure to the flashlight (and vaping) world. Your tests and reviews are very appreciated.

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HKJ, maybe it would be a good idea to make a battery (and chargers) list, based to their performance at your tests, sorted from high to low. This list doesn’t have to show much info, only which one has a better overall performance (IYHO ofcourse). Seeing such a list it would be easier for everyone to know at a glance which item (battery – charger) performs better than the previous in your list. To make it even easier for us, you could have some basic categories in this list (e.g. battery type, protected/unprotected, button/flat top, high drain or not).
Your Summary for all tested batteries is very useful (as also the Common curves) but some batteries are not in it (e.g. 30Q, HG2) and it’s sorted alphabeticaly (not according to performance), so one glance on it is not enough to get a very quick information.