Hello from Canada

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Hello from Canada

Been into flashlights for years but finally started joining some forums and really learning what cool stuff is out there.

Its been awesome but i have spent 500 in the last few weeks lol alone on new lights..

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Hi tribal – so, what did you buy? Pics or it didn’t happen……


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Yes, do share your new toys.

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HELLO Big Smile

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Welcome to BLF tribal. Smile

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Hello from the Netherlands Smile

..waiting for parts..

Still looking for 5” parabolic reflector (for recoil light)

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Hello. Where in Canada are you? I’m in Vancouver

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Hello from Victoria.

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Hello from Winnipeg!

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Howdy and welcome to BLF

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Have a nice time here, tribal!


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Welcome to BLF!

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hello from just down the road in Hamilton

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Thanks everyone.. will post pics soon have a tm26gt coming in first i believe, but who can tell when it comes from other side of the world.

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HELLO AND WELCOME ABOARD!!! I guess next would be modding for you HAH

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I am too north of Toronto. Welcome to BLF forums Smile

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Welcome to BLF...

Terry White

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Got my TM26GT in today just havent had time to play and review it…sooon sooon.

But i did turn it on and half near blind myself lol

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Hi tribal,

Well, you’ve received your Welcome “Milla” from Racoon City, so you are now Officially a member of our Tribe!

Hide your wallet, and enjoy all the free information and good humoured banter that goes on here.

Also, Welcome from the U.K.

Splott-Light Smile

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