Top 3 (ACTUAL USED!) flashlights of 2016

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Top 3 (ACTUAL USED!) flashlights of 2016

OK what was your top 3 actual used flashlights in 2016?
So while one could have a favorite this is really about those that have lighted up the most!

For me:
Nr 1, Thorfire S70 (on average half an hour per day)
Nr 2, grey Convoy C8_ first stock then modded with the good parts of a Kronos light and OP reflector.
Nr 3 is harder because it is for a whole year so I’d say Uniquefire UF1401 (nice flood)

Sure this year will see some change for me Wink

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1) my phone’s LED. This gets used more than anything as my phone is always with me and most of the time I need a quick light and this fits the bill normally.

2) nitecore sens CR. It lives on my car keys so is always ready for use.

3) Nitecore TM16GT. My big “go to” light. Over the year this light was always the one I’d grab as it’s got a hefty beam and decent throw.

I think if I got the XT12gt sooner in the year it’d be my #1 light as since I’ve got it I tend to use that for most things. I just love it being so small with such an epic beam. It really does make me smile when it fires up.

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I think, my most used lights last 12 months are:

DQG SPY Titanium
Olight S1
Klarus Mi7

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My TrustFire F20: EDC, Single 14500, heavily modded, XM-L2, Nanjg 101AK Three-mode:

Convoy S2: Winter after-dark EDC, Deep/SMO reflector, 3A QLite, XP-G2. Nicely focused hotspot making decent throw from a EDC tube-light.

Do headlamps count? Probably my free-to-review 1xAA headlamp, also modded with a high-CRI nichia 219 emitter, replacing the original low-CRI XP-E.

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Don wrote:
It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…

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Would have to say…
Olight S1R, 5A2
Convoy S3 triple 4C
Convoy S2+ shorty 4C

EDC rotation:
Convoy S2+, 6*7135, XM-L2 3D, 10 degree TIR, PilotDog lighted tailcap.
Convoy S2+, H17F, XM-L2 4C, lighted tailcap
Zebralight SC52w-L2
Olight S1A
Olight S1R

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1) Manker U11 by a long shot
2) Klarus G30
3) Manker E11

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1 – Modded 47’s Atom (on keyring)

2 – DQG Spy (on neckchain)
3 – Nitecore Cobra (in workbag)

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staples solar floating camp light
Nitecore tube
Foursevens mmu-x

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No brand, sometimes sold as “Yupard”.
Modded to 3 mode 3 Watt 219C 4000K flooder (was zoomy, head shortened, lens hollowed out).
It’s my default work / hobby headlamp.

For the rest i use what i feel like, probably Convoy C8 and Olight i3S are #2 and #3

..waiting for parts..

Still looking for 5” parabolic reflector (for recoil light)

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1. Most used EDC pocket, Lego of Copper Maratac body with ReyLight Copper Tool head w 4500k Nichia (LMH, 1-24-80) I mostly use medium on this light

2. Most used CAR light, Lego of ReyLight Tool body w Copper Maratac head with 3000k XPG swap and ReyLight driver swap. (LMH, 0.6-16-61) I mostly use Low on this light

3. Second most used EDC pocket, Lego of Copper Maratac body with Copper Lumintop Tool head w 4000k Nichia (MLH, 22-2.5-80) I mostly use medium AND Low on this light.

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I have to choose 4 Wink

Nitecore MH20 (stock)

Meteor M43 (xp-g2 s4 3d)

Convoy L6 (with current @ 7 amps )

Modded Convoy C8 ( xp-g2 & fet driver , ~180kcd )

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By far, BLF A6, second, Imalent HR20 headlamp, third Convoy L6. The A6 rides clipped in my chest pocket and always has the amount of light I need, no matter how much or how little. It is so good it has actually decreased my interest in new lights. Tired

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1. Olight S2. That magnetic tail works wonders, I tell you.
2. Convoy C8 (XM-L2 4C w/ OP reflector). Beautiful tint, great value, got me into Convoy in general. I just wish I’d picked a 6×7135 for longer runtimes instead of 8x, a mistake I won’t make with the S2+ (it’ll only have 4×7135). It gets used even in close range, and the reflector is to thank for that.
3. Thrunite T10 (NW). Lots of value from such a small torch; never expected to like a 1xAA so much, but then again my only experience with the size was a very outdated and subpar Fenix E11 with a bad beam, bad mode distribution, no pocket clip and an atrocious tailcap switch. Of course, having an actual moonlight and a low mode that doesn’t burn the battery in less than 10 hours helps.

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1. Convoy S2 triple from Mtn electronics (in my work bag)

2. Manker E14 with 219C D320 (weekend EDC in jacket)

3. Lumintop Toolvn with XP-L HI 5000k (Summer EDC)

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1 : My trusty EDC : Olight S1 5D1 80+ CRI
2 : My backpack light : Nitecore HC30, now replaced by Skilhunt H03 (both 5D1 80+ CRI)
3 : Probably My Olight H05 (headlamp) 4C while modding

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Just because I’m not around much on BLF doesn’t mean I don’t use my lights anymore Smile !

#1) My EDC Convoy S2 modded to XML2-T5-5B1 (my fav tint) w/105C 2.1A 3-mode no-memory driver converted to off-time memory and flashed with STAR Off-Time w/ modes 1%-34%-100% (driver re-work just done yesterday!). Previous firmware was STAR (on-time) @ 3.5%-34%-100%. On-time memory was driving me crazy during mode changes (yes, even on a “no memory” driver) and my wife was complaining that when I would tailstand my light on the dresser during the morning that it was too bright while she was trying to sleep. 1% seems better and could maybe even go lower.

#2) Just like Jerommel’s post#9 above, my “Mule Headlamp” (mod posted here) modded with an XM-L2 T5 5B1 and a Nanjg 1.4A 101-AK-A1 4xAMC7135 driver converted to 3 mode and the stock aspheric lens replaced with an AR coated glass lens (in hindsight I probably should have tried to keep the aspherical lens).

#3) This is a tough one. It might be my group buy BLF Edition Starry Light SA-22 4xAA light. It’s my “kitchen back door” go to light.

After these I’d almost have to move on to my bike lights with my Revtronic/Nitefighter BT40S & BT21’s being my favs and most used. I’ve even used the BT40S on my head while mowing (nope – my mower headlight mod still isn’t done).


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1. S15R Olight
2. Eagle Eye X6, mod brown baked finish and triple Ledil optic on Noctigon with 3 – XP-L
3. a tie between (a) BLF D80, mod with XHP50 and two, in series, 18650 protected cells and (b) Shadow JM35 with MT-G2, single 26650

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1. SolarForce P1 with XM-L 3000K 90CRI. My work EDC for the first 3/4 of the year, used five or six days a week, anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours per day. I’m considering giving new life to this one with a solid copper pill and quad emitter setup. The plastic body is really advantageous for my line of work.

2. Astrolux S41 Nichia 219B quad with 18650 tube. My work EDC for the last quarter of the year, used in the same manner as described above. High output combined with high CRI and more neutral color temp is a great combo for work.

3. Brinyte B158 modded with FET+1 driver and XP-L HI V2 5A2 It was a little harder to pick a number three most used, because number one and number two were work EDCs and used heavily each and every day. The B158 was the light that I tinkered with, liked to pick up and play with, and would take out on a walk the most I think. Definitely the one I showed off to friends the most often.

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Yeah no3 seems hardest for sure Wink

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Have to say eagle eye x6 xpg2 s4 0d dedomed dd. Usually my edc light. Then would have to be c8 with xpl hi v3 3c dd, and number three most used light is probably my l6/ a hd2010 with extension and xhp70 I use them to light the park at night for my daughter so they get used equally pretty much

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Easy list.
Nitecore HC30
C8 with the XPG3 and BLF driver my go to outdoors light.
EDC I have changed so many in a year cycled through about 5 or 6.

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1. Thorfire C8S
2. Jetbeam Jet-1 MK
3. Hugsby XP2

Convoy L6 and lumintop Tool weren’t in my collection for most of the 2016 but are getting a lot of use so far in ’17

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1. BLF A6 (work edc)
2. TN36 (bush walking)
3. Archon W40VR (scuba diving photo / video lights)

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1 Thorfire TG06
2 Thorfire TG06
3 Thorfire TG06 Silly

Others: EE X6 triple Nicha 219c. Astrolux SC

It’s true. I use it for everything


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Believe it or not, the light I use the most and I use it everyday is my EDC. (the best light is the light you have when you need one)
And that would usually be your EDC. Unfair advantage, I would say. I keep it in my right front pocket along with my keys and loose change. The finish really takes a beating. I would never stick one of my better lights there.
On the kitchen counter, by the microwave I now keep my newly acquired AstroLux S41S quad running on an IMR 18350. That one is bright enough to light up the whole yard. If I were to need more runtime, I would grab my FandyFire Warrior, 3 – XML. Runs on only 3 -18650, a little smaller than a SRK, but just as bright. It has a ramping UI and I like the momentary push button for high. So,

1. SK-68 modded with Nichia 219C
2. AstroLux S41S stock
3. FandyFire Warrior stock

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Top three for year 2016 by most use time: 1. Olight S2 Baton, for frequent normal routine small flashlight use.

2. TK75vnX2Q70 dome on, in my hand during my night walks,

3. K70vn, same as above.

Starting mid-December 2016, items 2. and 3. replaced by X65Vn, and starting January 3, 2017, item 1. supplemented with P60vn quad XHP35 16 volt, 4*18350 body.

Acebeam X45vnXHP70.2, K70vn, EC50vn, two X65Vn. Eagletac SX25L3 MT-G2, MX25L4CvnT XP-L. Fenix TK75vnQ70 dome on. 47's MMU-X3. Manker MK34Vn. Nitecore TM06Svn 4 x XHP50.2. Niwalker MM15, and MM15MBvnSpec1. Noctigon Meteor M43vn XP-L dd. Olight S2 Baton. P60vn Quad XP-L HD 2 cell host Cryos Cu head. Thrunite TN36UTvn, TN42vn.

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garrybunk wrote:
Just because I’m not around much on BLF doesn’t mean I don’t use my lights anymore Smile !


You must not have read the terms of use when you signed on at BLF

If you don’t log on at least once a week, your are forbidden to use your lights!

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1. Green S2+ triple, affectionately name “The Green Lantern.” XPG3, 5000K, MTN FET+1, most parts from MTN and the copper heat sink from Hoop.

2. Thorfire PF04, excellent shirt pocket (pen) light… has become part of my work uniform.

3. Convoy L6, 5000K, stock (so far)… I make up excuses to use it… Love!

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1. Jaxman Z1 XHP50 Thumbs Up
2. Thorfire S70 Thumbs Up
3. SkyWolfEye single 18650 zoomie with fake XML emitter,& fake claimed 6,000 Chinese lumens LOL
Got 6 of them for £5.94 ($6) delivered from China Shocked


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for me….

  1. Niteye Eye10-TiC is my primary edc carry when I’m not at work. Great size for carrying and the variable ramping means I always have the right amount of light needed. Carbon fiber and titanium is reason enough.
  1. DQG Spy titanium is my secondary edc carry and lives on my keychain along with a tritium fob also in titanium. The spy is surprisingly bright considering it’s size. The fob adds almost no extra weight but make the keys (and thus the light) easy to find in the dark (thanks tritium),
  1. Solarforce L2C in carbon fiber w/ 4 mode warm white xml-2. sits on the nightstand so gets used to find the remote, (or the cat)

at work….

  1. Nitecore HC50 headlamp. Super useful and great quality. Enough said.
  1. Solarforce L2T with 3 mode neutral XML-2. Beat up and abused but still working perfectly

edit… high quality/high capacity lithium cells in everything

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1 arc-ls 2aa k2tffc 666ma always works.every time.
its always in my pocket.
2 dorcy 1aaa hi cri.go ahead and laugh.i mostly use it to look into my dripper to see if the wicking is saturated.mostly in a dark room and dont want to turn on a bright light.
3 modded hf freebies with 18650 and hi cri leds.
these are stashed literally everywhere i might need a light.