new "exfoliated" nanotube Lithium cell technology

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new "exfoliated" nanotube Lithium cell technology

from this article posted this morning on my google news feed:

A novel electrode for lithium batteries

sounds like a small change in the carbon nano tube structure significantly enhances both capacity (“four fold”) as well as “high current density”

sounds to me like it has implications for all sorts of rechargeable lithium cell applications (NOT just flashlights!)

The Miller
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interesting, lets give it a year to see how much is marketing for more research funding and how much is actually something we can use Smile

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This sounds just as dumb as all the other “revolutionary battery breakthrough!!1!” news that we have been getting the past decade with 0 actually becoming real for consumer market.

Unless it is real, available, or purchaseable, you can pretty much ignore all these clickbait articles because 99.9999% of prototypes never become commercially available.

Hey, how are you? :)

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This might be a great technology, but it will probably so expensive noone but NASA would use it getting their 100mil sattelites with a 200,000$ battery because it saves weight or has other benefits