Westinghouse 18650 on clearence at Walmart.

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Westinghouse 18650 on clearence at Walmart.

Just thought I would pass this along, The local walmarts all seem
to have 4packs of the 18650 batteries for 11 bucks in the back of
the store near lawn and garden. so far they seem to work well in my
Fenix pd32.

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for me, it boils down to price and what i get…

i have salvaged laptop battery packs for the 18650s? and have yet to be disappointed. free shipping to my door its just a buck a cell plus change… in fact i have gotten so used to laptop pull 650’s that i find myself stripping wrappers and protection circuits off of other batteries i come across. Cos now and then i run across a used “dead cell” that actuall works well if i strip off the wrapper and faulty protection circuit (never from a laptop pull, tho…)

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watch for some at $3-4/4pk.
i just lucked out on some 18500 $3/4pk.
other folks here have found them too.
they are ok 2000mah cells that were spot on at 1a
decent at 2a.

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My Walmart has just gotten these. They had Duracell 18500 for months and months. But no 18650s like everyone kept talking about. Just yesterday I saw them. But that are $14.62 a pack right now. Figured I’ll wait. If they drop to around $10 I may give them a try. I’ve try to grab laptop packs out of recycling when I can. I’m fairly new to it. But out of the last 4 packs only one was completly dead. Like 600-800mah cells. If a cell is 1500mah or higher I keep it. Below 1500 goes back in the bin. I break it up though. Like the 9 bad cells I broke up into 3 trips to the bin. So they see me come with batteries so I can dig a minute. If If I don’t have anything in hand and someone says something. I say my brother dropped off my good batteries instead of dead ones and just walk off with two random tool pack batteries. I’m only that way once a month and usually never get bothered and always different employee but it works. And when I find something I grab it and walk out and keep walking and don’t look back. Best score yet was new hg2 2 at best buy in plastic case said bad recycle one cell had a tore wrapper. One tested over 2800mah the other 3000mah

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http://budgetlightforum.com/node/49441 i think i’d look for some good oem unused laptop packs and do some new pulls with real Lg samsung /sanyo/panny cells vs chinese cells ..also be careful what you’re buying 18650 is a size not a chemistry

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