Rofis TR10 16340 Flashlight Review

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Rofis TR10 16340 Flashlight Review

Rofis TR10 Review


Hey folks today I bring you the littlest Rofis flashlight on the market. Let me Google that fact to see if it really is. This is the baby version of the TR series so an even smaller version of the TR20 and TR18 with almost the same overall output. How cool is that?

Today we will be reviewing the Rofis TR10 I seriously just wrote TR20 lol. I had to back track that a bit. It is smaller than half the size of the TR20 I should know better! This is the 16340 equivalent of the TR20 and the TR18 it is half the size and almost as bright coming in at 900 lumens. For a 16340 cell flashlight that is an amazing output number! These angling head flashlights are very popular and for good reason they offer functionality a lot of other flashlights can’t and they are built to Rofis quality.

This light was sent to me by Rofis for review. Like all the Rofis flashlight I have reviewed. Rofis actually told me they have some really exciting lights coming up in 2017. They told me a bit of info and it sounds great! I am looking forward to there new line up!


The Rofis TR10 is using all the similar features we find on the other Rofis flashlights in the TR series like the angling head and the XPLHI. Major difference is that it is half the size. The UI is taken form the TR18 and not the TR20 so it does differ from the big daddy a slight bit. It would be a medium sized 16340 flashlights when compared to some other flashlights. The TR10 is still shorter than most of my 14500 variant flashlights so that is a good start. Rofis saved some space by using the single side switch design. You can easily make the TR10 smaller by angling the head then I would call the TR10 probably the smallest 16340 flashlights I own. With the head angled it is almost half the size of the S2+ coming in at around 7cm. Yes I know that is not technically half of an S2+ they are just under 12cm but its damn near close. That is an awesome effort lets not forget the TR10 puts out an amazing 900 lumens. I am yet to test the output officially but the TR10 is using the same driver as the rest of the TR series it may be a tad down tuned. You will have to wait to find out.


Official specs for the size of the TR10 are as follows. The TR10 is 82mm (3.22in) in overall length. The head and body diameter are both 22mm (0.86in). The body is uniform so the head is the same size as the body and the switch is recessed inside the TR10. The switch on the TR10 sits nice and flat with the TR10 body. Unlike other Rofis flashlights when you roll the TR10 it will still turn on. This design does mean that you do not have the button sticking out at least in a height sense. From the side the switch is a tad out because the overall size of the TR10 is so small. It would be hard to fully recess a switch. One addition well one thing taken away from the TR10 is the battery indicator built into the side switch. Unfortunately there is no battery indicator as such. The button only flashes red when the battery is below 2.6 volts. This would be for the use of a CR123 I would guess. I do not think most 16340s will drain that low unless you are using an IMR cell. Which I am lol so the feature is handy for me it could save my cells life. Having a small cell size and a high output means the battery level can go from okay to you can charge this battery again pretty fast.


The TR10 weights an impressive 42grams putting it right in the middle for a 16340 flashlight category. Its less than 1/2 of the weight of the TR20 overall. If I remember correctly I weight it at like 90 grams I think without the battery. If you add the battery to both of these light the TR10 would be about 1/3 the weight of the TR20.

The overall build quality of the TR10 is great it looks like a mini TR18 and is built very well. The TR10 incorporates a lot of good design features that work well for EDC use. I am not sure if the TR10 is actually made for EDC in the sense. It is marketed more so as a work light. It gives you the best of both works I guess. The TR20 is my favorite work light its so handy and offers features other lights do not as with the TR10 it does the same. Now you can have the best work light in a smaller form factor. Shut up and take my money!


Let’s start with the head on the TR10 it rotates of course that is why you are buying the TR10 right? It rotates to 90 degrees angle exactly! Nothing extra she’s giving it all she’s got caption. Using my trusty maths works of course (run while you can). In this sense it is like the TR20 because the TR18 can rotate almost the whole way around. That would be like 360 degrees Celsius right? Lol I mean a full rotation is 360 degrees. (I know Celsius is temp). The rotation itself is good. I like it! Personally it’s the best out of the TR series. It’s not as hard as the TR20 and not as easy as the TR18 its just right. Just ask the little girl stealing your porridge. I was going to say ask the little girl sleeping in your bed but that would just sound wrong. Lol.

If you reading this and you just woke up I apologize!
While talking about head (I would’ve made a good script writer for are you being served?). Seeing as the TR10 is so small it can still be a bit tricky to turn the head but that is more of a size thing. (That’s what she said).


The TR10 includes a built in magnet first time in this series. All the TR series come with magnets but this magnet sits inside the tail cap of the TR10. It is removable but so are your lungs and I don’t see you removing them. (I was going to go with. So is your wiener from your pants in public but you don’t do that. Butttt I didn’t want to offend anyone that does that stuff! lol).
Some times it feels like my brain is removable.

The TR10 is constructed from Aicraft grade aluminum alloy and uses hard anodizing type 3. The TR10 is a dark black semi gloss finish yes I can score a job at Dulux paints now lol. It’s a tad shiny in the light but not to bad its pretty much the standard Rofis finish. Same knurling and head design as the TR20 and the TR18 except there is fewer knurling and head overall.


The clip is great it is a reverse facing clip like the rest of the TR series it’s a fairly deep carry clip it looks like its stainless steel.
The TR10 also uses AR coated glass lens to give you extra lumens. The TR10 can be tail stood like the rest of the TR series. The threads are well cut and work good. I would probably like to see anodized threads on this participial light seeing as its size makes it perfect for EDC use. The TR10 is rated for 1.5 meters drop resistance and 2 meter water resistant making the TR10 a great choice in any environment.


Overall I am super happy with the build quality Rofis have refined the TR series really well and it is on par with all other high end flashlights.

Like the rest of the TR series the Rofis TR10 uses a Cree XPL-HI V3. This is standard for Rofis flashlights and Rofis have found a way to make the XPL-HI work in all situations. The TR10 is a tad down on overall output compared to the others in the series. The TR10 comes in at 900 lumens measured by Rofis. I measured my TR10 with an IMR cell at 913 lumens max on my ceiling bounce test. That is outstanding performance from the TR10 the cells was freshly charged. After I took all these pics I measured the output again and got 846 lumens and the battery was 3.75 volts. There is some black magic at work here. Rofis have done amazing job making it possible to even get this much light from a 16340 style flashlight. I was actually amazed to see it do so well. It beats out the S1R and it doesn’t even have to step down straight away.


I am super impressed with the heat management in the TR10. After a while of being on the TR10 was hot but no where near as hot as thought it would be. Rofis say the TR10 will step down from 900 lumens to 300 lumens. I did not see it happen in my output testing. Rofis did not specify the amount of time it takes to step down. No wait I just missed it lol the TR10 will step down from 900 lumens after 2 minutes. Probably at that level the battery wont last to long. So you wouldn’t need a step down really. You could wing it. I will have to run my own test and see what happens with voltage sag.

The Cree XPLHI is rated to reach around 1050 lumens max (lol reach around ayeee). We as modders know the XPL-HI is hardly even working at 900 lumens. I have XPL-HIs running at 1600 lumens and they still handle that output fairly easily. So you will have no issues with the emitter. I think it will outlast most other lights I should say.


The driver in the TR10 seems to be the newer driver that is used in other Rofis flashlights. Just slightly modded for its task. Rofis are still using a constant current driver you can tell this because output is stable even as the battery drops voltage. The driver still has features like reverse polarity protection. The working voltage is a bit lower than the other flashlights in the series it comes in at about 2.5-4.2 volts (estimated). The TR10 can be used with either an of the shelf CR123 or a 16340. The 16340 will give you the best output and run times overall. The Driver is also enabled with a lockout function this is the same as the TR18 simply push and hold the side switch from of to engage the lockout function. The driver also offer memory function!


The beam pattern of the TR10 is good its super flood heavy the emitter looks to be more on the NW side. I think the TR10 is using a tinted reflector which would explain the tint. The reflector in the TR10 is as OP style reflector coupled with the AR coated glass. Rofis say the TR10 does 4855cd which is 139 meters of throw. So as you can imagine the beam is more floody which is better on a smaller light. It means you can have the TR10 on a higher setting and have the light diffused enough to work close up. It does make it to the tree at 100 meters but only just. Its not built for throw its built to be floody. This is what you want in a work flashlight.


Output and run times. We will go over the output and run times using both a 16340 and CR123. The TR10 has 5 standard modes plus 4 hidden modes. The moonlight is hidden. Rofis use a 650mah 16340 to achieve these results.

  • Turbo mode: 900 lumens at 2 mins then 300 lumens at 40 minutes
  • High mode: 600 lumens at 4.3 minutes then 300 lumens for 40 minutes
  • Medium Mode: 300 lumens at 1 hour
  • Low mode: 70 lumens at 2.8 hours
  • Ultra low Mode: 18 lumens at 29 hours
  • Moonlight mode: 3 lumens at 70 hours
  • Strobe/SOS/Beacon mode: 900 lumen at 1.5 hours

The run times with the CR123 are as follows. Rofis use a 1700mah CR123 for these results.

  • Turbo mode: 700 lumens at 4.3 minutes then 300 lumens for 66 minutes
  • High mode: 450 lumens for 2 minutes then 300 lumens for 72 minutes
  • Medium mode: 300 lumens for 1.3 hours
  • Low mode: 70 lumens at 3 hours
  • Ultra wlow mode:18 lumens at 60 hours
  • Moonlight mode 3 lumens at 160 hours
  • Strobe/Beacon/SOS modes: 700 lumens at 2 hours


The mode spacing on the TR10 is really good there is more than enough modes for every ones taste. The spacing is very well thought out. I would go as far to say it’s the best spacing I have seen on a Rofis flashlight as yet. Maybe someone actually does read my reviews.
I give the mode spacing 10/10 on the TR10.

The UI is also great it’s a single switch design. So every thing is done with one button. It’s the exact same UI as the TR18. Push the side switch to access standard modes. Hold the side switch to change modes. The TR10 will start on the last used mode from the standard outputs. The TR10 features memory mode. The TR10 will not remember the special modes.
Basically you push and hold to enter moonlight mode takes 3 seconds. Push and hold for 5 seconds to access lockout from the off position. To access the hidden modes Strobe/SOS and Beacon you can click 3 times fast from either on or off position.

The UI is super easy and friendly it’s the best UI you can have in a single switch flashlight hands down.


Overall the TR10 is a great flashlight it offers a small form factor and super bright output. While still managing to offer a good UI and very good functionality. It would have to be the one of the best 16340 flashlight I have ever tested. I do not have a rating system for flashlight but if I did I would honestly give the Rofis TR10 a 10/10. Rofis have not missed a spot when making the TR10 and it shows all around.

All of these photos are taken at ISO800 and i do not know why the sky is that colour. One side the right side is from the ports at left side i wouldn’t have a clue.

Moonlight 3 lumens at 70 hours

Ultra low 18 lumens at 29 hours

Low 70 lumens at 2.8 hours

Medium 300 lumens at 1 hour

High 600 lumens 4.3 minutes till step down

Turbo mode 900 lumens 2 minutes till step down

100 meters to the tree the TR10 just makes it

Working hard or hardly working?

You can see on the tree that the tint is not to cold

Left is the TR10 and right is the XT1C

Left the TR10 and Right is the Mi7

TR10 Left and Jet II MK Right
!Jet ii mk!

TR10 Left and TR18 on the right i thought i would give the s2+ a rest

The way its going the video will be up some time this year! HA! I have had the TR10 for over 2 weeks sheesh. I will add a graph soon also with my other 16340 lights.

Thanks for taking the time to read my filthy review!

Regards Chris

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