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anyone know this site? they have some really good prices, but what about shipping costs, customer service, reliability..?


some lights at really cheap prices like this xeno e03 and the xeno g42... and the one i was searching for, f8 v6. cheapest ive found that light was around $60 shipped, without the battery, charger and holster

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How about the SkyRay L1 $57,14. I'm intrested in what the Xeno E03 would cost with shipping.

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They are the wholesale branch of bestinone.net.  I recently placed an order with them for some lights, unfortunately their supplier was no longer able to provide the item.  They contacted me immediately and when a refund was requested it was done right away and they even refunded the paypal fees.  Although I didn't get my items, I would feel very comfortable dealing with them again. 

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I tried to buy an UltraFire MCU-C88 from them because the price was good - ~23$.

But this excludes shipping costs, which were about 14$, later reduced to 12$.

This was too high for me, so I cancelled the deal (haven't paid yet, so no refund was needed).

So some good deals, maybe if you buy multiple items, but beware of high shipping rates.

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 yeah it's bestinones wholesale side  and shipping is very high because of where they are located is usually why it's so high ..Mainland ..not hong kong . So things look very much more attractive then normal ..i'd say add 7~8$ to9 a normal light  the c-88 is a very heavy light  so 15$ almost makes sense

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