Hemispherical Edge Illumination (HEI lenses) - Aquarium/reef lighting

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Hemispherical Edge Illumination (HEI lenses) - Aquarium/reef lighting

I've recently met a buddy which has a small aquarium with some sort of inexpensive multi-emitter led fixture. Grabbed my attention when he pin pointed me to this stuff: Radion XR30w G4 Pro Specs Leaked @ SGReefers


What the hell is that? Some sort of TIR + plano convex lens hybrid?

Well, my friend told me if I were to be able to build some sort of similarly performing setup, I'd grab a wage for it. And I've already (briefly) read about this aquarium lighting stuff as to understand a bunch of 5700K CRI92 R9050 219BT-V1s would do better than those XP-G2s, namely because I could do away with the warm white and the green leds, I believe.

The lens stuff is probably one of the main hurdles. However, maybe a giant plano-convex lens is all we need, or sort of. Remember, its about uniform light distribution here, not throw I believe. 

More on this coming fellows.


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Probably just a TIR lens with a “batwing” distribution profile. Even LED Christmas lights from years back used those lenses to avoid shooting little directional beams of colored light all over the place, and make them look/act more like hotwire bulbs instead.

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This is an old thread, but it would be important if you were trying to grow live coral.

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