Never Dive Alone! XTAR Giveaway! Winner announced!

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Never Dive Alone! XTAR Giveaway! Winner announced!

Tell us where you are going to dive! And find some partners here on BLF! How?
We will summarize the members who going to the some diving places and help you to find some diving partners! And we will choose 1 lucky winner of XTAR diving flashlight!
If you are not a diver, you can also participate in this giveaway!

Easy Rules:
Diver: Tell us where you are going to dive in the comment.
Non-diver: Post the sea creatures that impress you the most in the comment.

XTAR WHALE-W D26W diving flashlight

Now – Mar. 30th, one winner will be announced on Mar. 31st!
Your diving partners on BLF will be published on Mar. 31st!
PS: At least 30 people participate in this giveaway so we can make this activity meaningful and help people to find some diving partners on BLF.

Important information: XTAR is eager to make a perfect diving flashlight, if you are the diving Diver Master, Instructor or Trainer who has used XTAR diving flashlight before, please contact us at with your comment. We have surprise for you!
If you are a Diver Master, Instructor or Trainer, but not a XTAR diving flashlight user, please also contact us to get a chance to do a review!

Thank you!
170331 Edit:
Find your diving partners here:

Here is the random list of the winner. The lucky winner is caramba! Congratulations!

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Hi Xtar,
thanks for this Giveaway !
I`m a non-diver, but I own a Xtar D06… LOL
The sea creature that impress me most ist the white shark !


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I will be diving near the French riviera later this year.

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The most interesting sea creatures are whales and dolphins

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I`m a non-diver but I collect different interesting flashlight.
Blue whales are the largest animals ever known to have lived on Earth.

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I am a frequent SCUBA and free diver and hold a PADI Advanced Open Water certification. I usually fish and dive in the Sea of Cortez in Baja Mexico. Sea life is abundant and it is not uncommon to encounter Whale Sharks while filling a dive bag with scallops. I have a permanent bay side residence on the beach located on Gonzaga Bay with a 20’ offshore saltwater fishing boat.

Baja Mexico is a very beautiful place which gets very dark at night. Definetely flashlight country. I am a longtime flashaholic and own numerous lights from various manufacturers and would be very happy to test out your new diving flashlight.

Many Thanks … Smile

My piece of heaven … Gonzaga Bay:

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Diving off the Borneo coast. The most memorable sea creatures on dives are usually the large open water species passing near shore that are transient and you need timing or luck to see. Things like whale sharks, hammerheads and large tuna etc.

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Sea creatures that impress me: Coelocanth (very hard to spell), Anemone, those things that live in the hot water vents at 400F or whatever…

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I will be diving around the 18yd box to try and draw a penalty….(football/soccer) Cool

Octopi impress me the most, due to their remarkable intelligence. (look up stories of them escaping their tanks at aquariums and going to other tanks to hunt/eat and then returning to their original tank)

Thanks Xtar for the awesome giveaway.

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i choose sea panda Big Smile

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zelee wrote:

i choose sea panda Big Smile

Someone smooshed your sea panda!

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Plan on diving in my pool on a daily basis Wink

Cool GAW and it would be nice if real diving partners are found, thanks for this!

I go for the mimic octopus as most impressive sea creature.

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Non-diver here as well.

Wales are the most investing to me. Huge mammals with big brains living in an aquatic environment. Yet, as big as they are, they are incredibly agile and graceful.

Thanks for the GAW.


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My favorite sea creature is the Orca, the killer whale.

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Ice diving in Switzerland, St. Moritz.

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Not a diver, but the sea creature that impresses me the most is the mantis shrimp


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I’m not a diver, but the sea creature that impresses me the most is of course Nessie Wink

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Not a diver but I’m in. Leafy Sea Dragons are pretty neat.

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FL Newbie

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Thanks for this Giveaway Xtar!

I will be diving to Mediterranean sea.

The most interesting sea creature is octopus.

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Thanks Xtar. I plan to use the light in search of the elusive, rare “Spanish Dancer Jellyfish”.

which doesn’t actually exist, but somehow is making it’s way around the internet.

People say I’m a flashaholic like it’s a bad thing…

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some snorkeling in Negril Jamaica in May. My favourite sea dweller is very likely the Manta Ray. Thanks for the chance for the giveaway.

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I’m afraid I don’t dive but I could start if I win Big Smile
My favorite sea creature is Orca

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I’m not a diver, but the Narwhal is a most amazing sea creature. They are the unicorn of the sea.

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I like diving under the duvet Wink

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I only snorkel but I like to see rays. Neat the way they move.

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My favorite is the common seal

I was swimming in the sea one day when one came up to me. It looked me straight in the eye from about 10 meters.
After a minute it took of at great speed.
Very cool experience

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My favorite sea creature is the king salmon, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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I’m a non-diver, but the sea animal that impresses me the most is the anglerfish. They have BLF all figured out. You don’t have to pay for a flashlight you’re born with Big Smile

Seriously though, the pistol shrimp is amazing. Such a tiny little thing, but can superheat water to 5,500 °C, create it’s own light with that ‘explosion’, and kill other animals by shooting at them. Like, wtf.

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Irukandji : The Smallest and Deadliest Kingslayer in the World.

That’s one of the reasons I’m not a diver. But I do have a dive light: for cave-dwelling.
Thanks XTAR, for the chance to win another (you never can have too many of them).

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Non diver
Dolphins, as they may be sentient.

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