Close look on UV LEDs

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Close look on UV LEDs

Did some photos with my reverse adapter for DSLR
Used Canon Eos 50D with 16-35mm F2.8 lens
@F=18 and reverse adapter ISO400 1/160s
light with a 1400 lumens 5000K NW flashlight from the side

First Lite On
this LED has a electrical neutral middle thermal pad for DTP stars
The active area is a lot bigger than on he Nichia LED, so it throws less
my LED has a surprizing low forward voltage of 3.46V @0.7A

second Nichia NCSU276A U365

die size 1×1mm
LED forward voltage of my one 3.84V @700mA

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Are you going to de-dome them? Cool

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the pictures are only cropped a tiny bit to cut parts from background, the original size has about 13MP from 20MPixel left

for those who are not familiar how to do ultra macros with reversing a lens

This reverse adapter is self build from
first a reverse adapter without any contacts
like this
a adaptor ring extending from 72 to 82mm for the lens

Then I ordered a cheap macro extender for EF lenses
dismantled it to get the Ring connecting to the lens to the camera
on the other side I removed the contact plate

I used a cable to connect the both contact plates

Then I dremeled the mechanical reverse adapter to make the contact plate fir and hot glued in there

It was a selfbuild back in 2008 or so
for those who dont want to self build them they are now also commercial availiable

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Ingenious and amazing quality

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Why need a contact, doesn’t you have to use mf(AF when shot macro really suck)

Forgot my pen

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That is awesome Lexel!  Do you by any chance know if they make equivalent of that AF adapter for Nikon F mount? I did a search but came up empty.

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Wow, the lighting really makes the difference. I have the choice of macro tubes, macro lens and one of those glass filters but it never turns out as good since my iso shoots up to 1600+.