Anything better than the BLF A6?

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Anything better than the BLF A6?

I’m not a frequent follower of this forum, but I’ve bought three BLF A6s over the past few years and love them. It’s the best flashlight I’ve ever owned. I’m thinking of buying another one, but I thought I’d ask here first…. is there anything else I should look at that’s comparable or better that’s come out in the past couple of years?

What I like about the BLF A6: power, beam color, beam width, moonlight mode with progressive brightness, non-anodized color is my favorite.

What I don’t like: Doesn’t last very long on turbo, but that’s not a deal killer.

So, what else should I consider? I don’t mind paying $10-$20 more, but I’m not going into the Streamlight/Surefire price range.

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Finding anything near the same price point as the A6 or its (Astrolux) clones means finding a similar ‘Labor of Love’ born without any financial R&D expenses.

If the same talent and devotion could be happily harbored in a venture capital enterprise, bean-counters would likely have nixed the project before fruition, and the Q8 never conceived.

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You’re not going to find very many stock lights that offer the same kind of power that the BLF A6 offers. It’s a fet+1 (7135) driven light. It’s gives you a nice moon light and a very nice turbo. Most other lights are mainly built with power regulation in mind. If you’re wanting a light that’s got the power of the A6 or more…your best bet is to either build one or have someone build one for you.

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“Anything better than the BLF A6?”

2x BLF A6’s

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Loved the A6 but the threads are terrible, convoy s2 much better.

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Convoy S2+, stock driver with 8*7135 will give you more runtime. It could also be built with the same driver as the A6. The Convoy lights might be a little more durable!

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