Who likes easy ways to find battery deals?

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Who likes easy ways to find battery deals?

I present to you….


The overlap in batteries that the vape and flashlight communites use is SIGNIFICANT. And there are so many vape shops out there these days that they’re routinely clearing out older inventory. IMR batteries is represented on there too.

There’s a contact form on the site if you have any vendor suggestions. I emailed him last night and he got back to me within hours! Note that you can filter by vendor location (China, US, Netherlands, Canada) and sort listings from low to high.

The site also supports the negation boolean operator. So, for example, you could search for Sony 18650 -VTC4 -VTC3 if you’re only looking for VTC5 & VTC6 (there are other sony 18650’s too, I am aware of this fact).

An aside: Also… are the top 3 18650’s available to the public generally considered to be the Samsung 30Q, Sony VTC6 and the LG HG2? All 3000mah high discharge performers, with the LG claiming 20A continuous discharge with the other two claiming 15A.

Tl;dr: search for li-ion battery deals on many sites @ once on vapecrawler.com

Edit: sample searches
http://www.vapecrawler.com/results/30Q [Samsung 30Q] $5.69
http://www.vapecrawler.com/results/HG2 [HG2] $5.70
http://www.vapecrawler.com/results/vtc6 [VTC6] $7/60

For all of the examples I saw, at the very least, there were better deals on there than from Amazon (US)

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