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I am a fan of uv lights- I used to use them a lot at work and found that the best by far was the Streamlight Night Com UV. I am however always on the lookout for new UV lights and recently bought two different Convoy lights which are excellent. Browsing through the HKEquipment site recently I noticed that the above light has just arrived ( ). It seems good value for a 5w light. I have bought from HKE many times and have always found them easy to deal with, far better than the BangBest sites. Does anyone know anything about the SVC 5w 365nm? or has anyone heard of the CountryMan brand before? I have ordered one on spec and will report back when it arrives.


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This gonna be a hot sell flashlight
A replace to convoy s2+ nichia

Forgot my pen

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If the LED can be overdriven hard with the thermal pad needs to be tested.
On normal specs this one runs at 1400mA, which forward voltage it has is unknown if it is bad it has almost 4V

Radiant flux 960-1300mW @1400mA

The Nichia has 640-1080mW @500mA
and can be driven at 700mA with proper cooling resulting in almost the same UV output at half the current

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It is advertised as a 5 watt, 365nm flashlight. I don’t think it is, but measured it is about 20% higher wattage (radiant UVA) than the Convoy. Construction is very similar except they glue the star MCPCB to the heat sink. They also include a fluorescent green “O” ring in the head – probably thought it was cute, it’s not. I threw it away. (although nice indicator that the light was one).

They say they use a CUN66A1B chip from Seoul Viosys – not. The LED they are using is a flat top, the 66A1B chip has a dome. Also, it is not a 5W device. I think they are using a CUN6AF1B part or the CUN6GF1A part and overdriving them hard. I don’t think the little Convoy package can handle the heat a 5w LED would generate.

Side by side with the Convoy it is obviously brighter. But bothers me that the chip is not what they say it is…



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I bought a CountryMan S+ UV Ultraviolet 365nm 18650 6w Nichia Japan LED Flashlight.

Here is the link

I have found it to be better than all the other 18650 based lights including the Jaxman U1 and the Convoy S2+.

The best larger one I have is the UVBeast with 100 LEDs.

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Of course it is better as it has a more powerful LED

but this LED also costs a lot so its 3 times more expensive than Convoy Nichia one

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i wonder if anyone tried to put triple uv into s2. i know carclo polycarb. lens would not work, it has to be ledil pmma lens, but it has a rim that may not fit into s2 head without cutting\shaving it.

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Well (2 amperes) x 3 volts =
6 watts so it sounds possible,could do with a few modes though.

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I ordered the Countryman S9 (5W Seoul Viosys version) from  Received it Aug 18th just a few days after ordering. Upon disassembly the LED is of the Seoul Viosys CUN_GF1A family, on a Cree ceramic base. You can see all the various ones in that series HERE

Problem is the various wavelength versions all look the same from the pictures on Seoul Viosys, so until I find a definitive test for detecting 365nm I'll have to assume it is in fact the CUN6GF1A.

It is VERY bright and shows things on my driver's license that don't show up with cheap 390nm+ led uv lights.  The reflector is solid aluminum.

Viewing from the side at a sharp angle there is very little visible light detected.  The fluorescent o-ring they put in front of the lens is about all you can see and glows brilliant green.

Thought I'd post my findings as I found this thread helpful in making my UV flashlight purchase decision.

For battery, went with Tenergy charger/battery combo on Amazon.  Tenergy model TN261 (comes with 2 - 3500mah batteries).  Very satisfied with that.


Bob H



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it would be interesting if this emitter emite much visible white wastelight or not
the new generation of Nichia 233B-D4 are even better than the old which had just ver little visible deep purple from 380-405nm

the thermal pad is of course superior to Nichia ones in efficiency and compatibility

the emitter can be bought on Aliexpress for 15$

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I found this old listing on It looks like Countryman S9 UV does indeed use the CUN6GF1A emitter.

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Is this better than the LG led ?