Review: MiBoxer C2-3000 (new charge currents update)

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Review: MiBoxer C2-3000 (new charge currents update)

The C2-3000 MiBoxer charger has been reviewed a few times. But recently I was sent another C2 with updates that were suggested by forum members. MiBoxer has delivered. I felt this new update warranted a new thread as to not get lost in the several reviews.

Personally I consider this an entry level charger, and a darn good one with all the features it has. I’m not going to go back over a full review since they can be seen here. (if there are more blf reviews out there, let me know so I can add them)

My first look simple review

HKJ in depth review

everydaysurvivalgear review

One of the complaints was the auto function of charge current. While fine with larger cells like the 18650 and 26650, it wasn’t so good with smaller cells like the 14500, 18350, 16340, etc… I have a brand new Efest 14500 it was charging at 1.5A. Although the cell never got hot, many thought it was way too much current for that cell.

MiBoxer took this advise and updated the C2. Now, you have a choice to either, allow the charger to auto-sense the charge current, or select 1 of 6 current settings by holding down the “slot” button. The charge current display will start to blink, you then subsequently click the button to the desired current. Choices are .2A, .3A, .5A, .8A, 1.0A, and 1.5A

I believe this charger is a winner. If we can get the price to be a winner, that will be icing on the cake. For example, the Nitecore D2 (2 slot charger) pricing is around 14 to $19us dollars, while the new Nitecore SC2 is $40. This charger should fall somewhere in between with the features it has.

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That`s fast work, Congrats MiBoxer, BLF and CPF will keep you right.



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