Overview - SacredFire NF-555 - Pic heavy

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Overview - SacredFire NF-555 - Pic heavy

I've decided to make a small overview. Since the quality is absolutely lacking i am not going to review it fully.

I let Manafont guys know about the quality and after some talking they want to offer me a $3 discount for other flashlights. I haven't yet accepted that.

I am not going to talk about the design as this is a clone. The first clone I have ever bought and I am not satisfied.

As you can see the flashlight arrived in a poor assembly condition or a poor manufacturing condition if you want.

I just want to say a couple of things, The reflector is not very shiny. In comparison with other reflectors it looks darker, in this case grey. Removing the lens shows that this is the way the reflector was coated.

I have attached several photos showing the fact that even if the lens is taken off the reflector looks like on other flashlights that have the lens on.

There are obvious machining issues, quality issues, coating issues. The logo is printed on the wrong size. The tailcap rubber boot is very soft and thin, but it doesn't bother me.

After disassembling  the light for taking photos, the so called o-ring, which is a poor thin flat silicone ring,  broke, one of the springs came off.







Lens on all the flashlights, SacredFire NF-555 is on the middle.


Lens on a different flashlight(right) No lens on the SacredFire NF-555 (Left)



 The flat ring.


I took some readings:

NiMH Eneloop - fully charged
Low - 250mA
High - 450mA

Cr123A - battery almost depleted
Low - 150mA
High - 700mA

18650 - fully charged
Low - 70mA
High - 890mA

I initially bought it because it can be modded to use AA batteries and Cr123A with spacers, and a 17500 battery.  At least so I suspected, that the driver is boosting, and yes it is a boost driver.

The Strobe is a slow one, not lethargic but relatively slow.


If you have any questions please ask, I will try to answer.



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 What a POS. Sorry to hear Hikelite. I can't believe manafont carry junks like that. That's why i'm trying to stay away from the low budget lights and kinda heading to premium budget ones like Sunwayman, fenix, jetbeam... I have to many junk lights and I don't need any more