Review-The DuaFire 200 Lumen Bicycle Light

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Review-The DuaFire 200 Lumen Bicycle Light

I received this light from WowsBox for review purpose.
This is an inexpensive usable bicycling light.
It is available from Amazon here DuaFire
In the box:

  • LED Front Light with internal lithium-ion battery. The package states the light is 200 lumens.
  • Handlebar bracket (screw on)
  • Tail light with two 2032 lithium coin cells
  • USB charging cable
    The instructions for use are printed on the package.

    The light is constructed of two piece molded plastic in a similar style of another popular brand of bicycling light.

    The molded construction lends itself to be lightweight.

    The molded housing features a dovetail style mount to interface with the handlebar bracket for easy removal and replacement.
    The handlebar bracket holds the light very well, the light itself being lightweight is easy to place on the handlebar and adjust for aim. The bracket can remain on the handlebar; the light can be removed from the bracket as the dovetail feature allows quick removal and replacement.

    On top of the light is the power / mode switch. The modes are from off : Power 200 lumen (high), Standard 100 lumen (medium), Eco 50 lumen(low), Flashing (strobe), and off.
    You must cycle through all the modes to turn off the light.
    While charging the power switch flashes blue, and when fully charged the blue ceases flashing remaining on while connected to the charger. During use the switch is not illuminated.
    On the bottom of the light is the Micro USB charging port. The charging port has a rubber cover.

    This light uses a total internal reflector (TIR) optic to project the light beam emitted from the LED. The beam is cool white, the emitter is not identified.
    PWM is noticed with the “running water test”. What you do is shine your light on to running water from a faucet, you will see the water droplets if PWM is used.

    Low (Eco 50 lumen) – Medium(Standard 100 lumen) – High (Power 200 lumen)- 10 feet from door f2.8, iso 400 , 1/20

    Comparison on high power to JetBeam E10R (190 lumen Ni-MH) on the right

    On high power I measured 2 hours 45 minutes of runtime, after this point light entered into strobe mode and the power switch flashed red.

    The light became warm to the touch during the time on high power. I was stationary without a breeze to provide cooling.
    The center white line is 75 feet (25 m) long.

    The battery recharges in 2 hours 20 minutes. Initially out of the box the battery was fully depleted the charging time was longer, I did not record the charge time.
    When the light is shaken an internal component is heard and felt rattling around, I suspect the cell (battery).

    The light is suited for night time rides on bicycle paths, rail trails and other locations were the vehicular traffic is reduced.

    I suggest to use the high mode while bicycling at moderate speed; the medium and low power modes do produce enough light.

    For more useable light I suggest to use two of these lights side by side on the handlebar. During the daytime rides the strobe mode works to alert on coming vehicles, the strobe works well for this purpose.
    The included tail light functions are steady on, strobe, and beacon. The tail light itself is small in size. The tail light requires two 2032 coin cells.


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