Peak Eiger / El Capitan / Logan "Pocket" style?

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Peak Eiger / El Capitan / Logan "Pocket" style?

Contemplating getting a Peak flashlight. Link for the lazy

What is the difference between the different body styles? There are “pocket”, “lug”, and “key chain” options but all the pictures seem to be keychain or the momentary switch (which is an upgrade only on the key chain style).

Also are there any lumen numbers available for them?

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there is a contact link on that page, I suggest you contact them with your questions, and share what you learn

fwiw, I highly recommend the Maratac w Nichia

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Here you have momentary, then lug, then keychain. Flat is well…flat.

Ask them for lumen ratings. Reviews have numbers because they used to provide them, but maybe they updated the lights and do better.

BTW, some years ago I ordered 18180 flat + 18440 flat from them. Got 18180 keychain + 18280 flat + 18280 keychain + 18440 flat because they didn’t have 18180 flat at stock. They told nothing and just shipped something else.

Nevertheless, I like the light, it serves me well.