Review: Manker E02. 1xAAA - XPG3 - L shapped

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LumenWop wrote:
“in any case the fact that moonlight can be adjusted from 0 to 0.5 w a Nichia is great!” ….. You mean, you can’t adjust it, if you have a CW Cree??? Can anybody explain this? I just ordered the E02H, and really wanted the Nichia, but they had none left; so had to buy the Cree version. Sad

I have both nichia and xpg, both can be set the same moonlight brightness, so don’t worry

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Also bought the Cree version, but that was intentionally. My personal belief is that Mankers are a bit steep priced. But your review, and 50% discount, made me pull the trigger. Nice little light, but in no way flimsy.

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