Hellooooo Erbody!

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Hellooooo Erbody!

Just another newbie around here. Been super interested in solar gadgets as of late so trying to find places where I can find new info and discuss current issues with people. Solar LED Lighting Projects for my cabin and workshop mostly.

Any direction towards good threads would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Fella’s!

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What kinda solar are you talking about? You can buy solar panels and do it yourself for small stuff. Or do you mean lights that have solar cells already built in? Or something else?

Oh yeah, by the way, Welcome to BLF! Big Smile

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It's nice of you to join us, CoreyLightWeight01!


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Welcome to BLF!

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Helloooooo greetings from hIKARInoooob!!!! Welcome!!! Smile

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