New 4500~5000K 90+CRI king?

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New 4500~5000K 90+CRI king?

After a few years of the release of the Nichia 219B 4500K 85+ CRI, I have not seen (comparing data) any other LED with the color temperature around 4500~5000K that is above 85 CRI. I really love that LED and was wondering if there is something better around that temperature.

It has been 3 years since I was really into LEDs so I may have missed anything new. Please share your thoughts.
Thank you.

I love heatsinks!

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HDS Systems 18650 5000k 219c HCRI Rotary powered by Sony 3500 VTC6’s!

Custom Modded Matte Black S2+ Triple Nichia 219b 4500k D220 9080 hcri, with Hoop heat sync, h17f, noctigan, 24 AWG wire, omten switch, brown #016 viton o rings, carlco 10507, ‘Strong Lights’ LEO Blue/Green Glow Gasket powered by Sony 2600 VTC5’s!.

Custom modded Photon Micro with Yuji LED 5600 LED powered by Duracell ultra 2032’s.